I try to be thankful everyday but this day has been set aside as a particular day of thanks so I will go with it.  And, as so many others are doing or have done, I will jump on the bandwagon of making a list of things I’m thankful for.  Because, it is just a good, fun thing to do.

  • My family.  All of my family. 
  • My amazing friends.  They are the family I chose for myself and, I have to say, I did a pretty darn good job.  
  • My furchildren.  My daily companions that fill my life with joy, happiness, love, kisses and the unexpected.
  • My house.  My little haven that is packed with everything I love the most.
  • Being vegan.  The best thing I’ve ever done in my life and a constant source of pride and delight (and delicious food!)
  • My health.  Never to be taken for granted.
  • Five senses that work well each and everyday and allow me to appreciate the joys of this amazing world.
  • My sixth sense that also works remarkably well!
  • Classic literature to read.
  • Jazz music to listen to.
  • Warm houseshoes.
  • Saying “I love you.”  Often.  And meaning it.
  • Hearing “I love you.”  Often.  And knowing it is truly meant.
  • New Year’s Resolutions to look forward to.
  • My journal.
  • Candles.
  • Coffee.
  • Text messaging.
  • Pinterest and Etsy.
  • Goodwill and Salvation Army.
  • A job.  Income. 
  • The Universe always providing.
  • Sleep.  In a cloud-like bed.

… Mostly I’m thankful for so many things to be thankful for that it would be impossible to list them all!  (Get all that?  :))


The best part of waking up…

I finally got a Chemex and I love love love it.  It makes the best cuppa ever and is actually kind of therapeutic to use.  Nothing to plug in, no electricity to use (except boiling the water), sleek lines and that great aroma.  Every good thing about making coffee (and more) and the best cup of joe ever.  I may as well FreeCycle my coffee maker as I don’t anticipate going back to it.  The Chemex is just that good.

And to avoid filter waste, check this out:

(Click photo to buy from Etsy.)

These work beautifully and you just rinse them out and hang to dry.  Eco-Chemex-Chic.  Love that.

I ❤ my Chemex.

(I don’t LOVE the leather tie around it but I got a vintage one and they all seem to have that so I have to live with it.)

Somebody has been at my porridge!

What is this?  Mush, right? NO!  Well, yes, but yummy mush.

Most of the time, especially in summer, I eat Vegan Overnight Oats and they are totally yummy.  They are, however, cold.  I mean, stone cold.  No warmth there.

And, as the temperatures fall a bit and I look out onto golden leaves and mums and pumpkins and limbs going bare and all those delectable fall delights, I want a bit of warmth in my belly. 

I picked up some oat bran cereal the other day at Kroger.  This isn’t really like oatmeal or cream of wheat.  It is very fine and cooks up into a sort of porridge.  It is very good and HOT but I wanted a bit of something to add into it.

So, I put some almost gone apples, craisins, canned pumpkin and blackstrap molasses into the VitaMix and gave it a whir.

Added to my porridge with a spoonful of peanut butter, it is so delicious and very filling.  And it sticks to my ribs, which is what I look for on these cooler mornings.

I made up enough to last the week.  I’ll put it into a refrigerator bowl and get some out each morning as a porridge additive.

Love fall mornings.
Love yummy warm things.
Love my VitaMix.


12 x 12: A To-Do List

Danni has done it again.  She has come up with an awesome way to get motivated and get things done and join others in doing the same.

And oh how I do love lists.

I love the idea so here goes.  Note:  My list isn’t going to be about doing stuff around the house or crafts, etc.  It is solely about me! 

My list of 12 before 2012:

  1. Lose ten pounds.
  2. Go on a date.
  3. Spend a weekend in Nashville.
  4. Grow my nails out so I can do this to them at Christmas-time.
  5. Have my hair trimmed but ultimately…
  6. Grow hair out as much as possible.
  7. Fill up the rest of this year’s journal.
  8. Start a consistent and stable walking routine.
  9. Ditto with meditation practice.
  10. Invest in some good pillows.
  11. Renew passport.
  12. Read Jane Eyre.


This big, beautiful, noisy world.

Last night I watched A Home at the End of the World.

It is now probably one of my five all-time favorite movies.  I loved it that much.

Mostly I loved Bobby and not because he was played by Colin Farrell.  I loved Bobby because his soul was beautiful and he accepted everyone just as they were and allowed people to be who they were without apology or explanation.

This big, beautiful, noisy world needs more people in it just like him.

(If you are easily offended, I wouldn’t recommend this movie or the trailer.)

Moving inward.

It seems like I’ve been away from home and out of touch for forever now.  I’ve been moving from one thing to the next waiting for this thing or that to be over so that I can have some down-time.  Some me-time.  Some time at home.  Thankfully, that time will be here after Saturday’s Market.

I’ve kind of been all over the place, especially in the past two weeks or so.

I was in Memphis for the Cooper-Young Festival, which was a blast.  Then I went to Columbia, Tennessee to see my exchange niece who is visiting from Germany.  I spent the night and we shopped, ate good food and had great coffee.  I also got to see my sister and my precious nephew.  It was a really great time!

In between those trips, I got sick with a sinus infection, had to take an afternoon off work to see the doctor and got two shots and prescriptions enough to loop me up for awhile.  I still don’t feel like I’m totally over it.  Cough/snort.

Immediately following my return from visiting my family, I packed up and hit the road again, this time to a work conference on the Mississippi Coast. 

Anyone who has traveled for business knows that while there are definite perks to these sorts of things, there is also a certain amount of tedium.  That being said, the perks were nice.  I got a king-sized room on the 26th floor to myself, complete with a thermostat I could do whatever I wanted to with and a GINORMOUS glass surround shower.  (I could have stayed the whole time in the shower, I think.)  I also got to go on a limo tour of the Coast (on a sort of scavenger hunt), had very nice nightly dinners and receptions, ate very good food, had an hour-long deep tissue massage and sauna visit, got door prizes, goodies and happies, all the free magazines I could possible want and won $59 on the slot machines.  So, it wasn’t all bad. 

Even so, I was so glad to get home and am so glad to BE home.  I missed my babies so much and missed… just being home.

I feel like fall has sort of crept up on me and I’m scared to death of missing any of it.  Fall to me means cooking sweet potato and pumpkin and butternut squash recipes, decorating my porch with pretty fall flowers and then sitting on it in the early morning crisp air with a cup of coffee and later on in the day with a cup of cider.  It means decorating my mantle and cleaning my house from top to bottom and switching out bedding and closets to warmer, fleecy things.  It means going for long walks and visiting the farmer’s market and stocking my kitchen with every good thing.  It means having spicy candles burning whenever I’m home and planning get togethers and having people over and sending pumpkin spice soap to all my friends.  It means picking up pretty golden leaves and pine cones and twigs and propping them up around my house.  It means thinking about Christmas and starting that list and organizing my scarf collection.   It means planting mustard greens and collard greens and washing Tessa’s sweaters and getting out Delali’s favorite blanket.  It means living in daily awe of the gorgeous changing colors of nature and pondering the miracle of this earth knowing just what to do with itself at just the right time. 

Fall to me means bundling up, slowing down and gradually moving into hibernation, which can only be done at home.

I’m glad that I have some time at home coming up.  I’ve already got a list started of things I want to do this fall.  In addition to all of the above, a few of them are:

  • Making this Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew recipe
  • Playing in my mini-books
  • Having a weekend marathon of The Office
  • Finally having a clothes swap at my house
  • Having a “healthy me” fall challenge
  • Catching up with my Etsy store
  • Doing some sort of fall craft, although I’ve not decided what
  • Getting a few small repurposing projects out of the way
  • Generally getting things more organized and orderly around here!!!

These are just a few of the things I have my heart set on doing at home in the coming weeks.  What would you add?

This day.

Oh my wow.  Today has been such a super-duper-amazing day that I just had to pause and write it all out.  The universe blesses me so richly.

Today was payday which is always nice and it was the first day that it has really and truly felt like fall.  A crisp hint of apple cider and sweaters and boots danced all around me as I walked Tessie.  Love that.

My Mom brought me a pumpkin pie soy latte (no foam) to work this morning which was such a yummy and perfect treat.  My friend Zack took me to lunch at one of my favorite places in town and my friend Sopa who owns this restaurant made up the most scrummy vegan curry vegetable dish ever.  Also, the proprietor of the new cafe across the street from my office stopped in today and let me know that she would have vegan ice cream options as well as vegan lunch options including vegan “chickn” salad and vegan hotdogs.  I’m so stoked on this.  Things for me to eat!  Wahoo!

I also got this gorgeous painting in the mail today and am so absolutely in love with it.  I love adding to my original art collection.  In other Etsy news, I’m only four sales away from 1,800!  Hooray!

I went after work and got a lovely new light for my kitchen; home improvement stores always make me so happy.  I met up with Mom there and we went to Goodwill where I found a fabulous old skinny spindle shelf and a glass ale beaker with a wooden stand.  I’ve been wanting one of those to put flowers in so… score!  After Goodwill, Mom and I went to have sushi for dinner and now I have a nice, full belly. 

I also decided this week to take up making mini-books as a new hobby.  I have ordered a starter kit and a Crop-a-Dile mamma-jamma hole puncher.  I love books, love journaling and love saving every piece of paper that comes my way so why not combine those loves?  I’ll be posting more about this later.

However, the biggest piece of news from today… I can’t tell yet.  I want to!!!  But, I have to keep it under wraps a bit longer.  Just suffice it to say that this outstanding piece of mystery news really put my good day over the top to amazingly outstanding today!

(I’ll give you a hint:  I’m not getting married nor have I fallen in love [with a human anyway… I held a super-cute dog this afternoon…].  Just didn’t want any of you getting away with yourselves.  Ha!)

I’ve got a fun-filled weekend planned starting with a visit from family on Friday night and a trip to Memphis for the Cooper-Young Festival on Saturday.

Next week will be wonderfully busy as I’m going to Nashville see my exchange “sister” who is visiting from Germany on Wednesday and Thursday and then going to the coast for a conference starting Saturday.

Can you tell?  I’m a lucky girl.  Life is good.  ❤


Here’s the thing.  I don’t want to see pictures of what happened ten years ago today.  I don’t want to think about such a senseless act of hatred.

I believe in love.
I believe in peace.
And I believe that love and peace are possible.

I do not believe in war.  Under any circumstance.  Hatred and violence is never an answer to anything.

I believe that love and peace should extend to all beings and the world around us too, not just to fellow humans.  We are all one, we all should live as one, and when more people start to realize this, I think it will become more and more possible.

That is my wish and my hope.

Don’t dwell in sadness and hatred.


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”  ~ Jimi Hendrix

“The greatest tragedy in mankind’s entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke


Thinking things over… and over thinking things.

I’ve been overthinking things today.  Bad.

This cute cartoon isn’t to say at all that I’m not happy.  It is, however, to say for sure that I’m an overthinker.

I’ve not even really been thinking about things I need to get done or items I need to put on some list.  I’ve been thinking things like why the computer doesn’t work any faster than it does, why it doesn’t work as fast as it should and why I get so frustrated by that.

I’ve been mourning things I can’t change like what Tessa’s life might have been like before she came to live with me and how her coming to live with me might have negatively affected Delali.  I’ve been wondering if Delali feels neglected since Tess – being a dog – requires and demands so much attention and my heart breaks by that (more than) a little.

I’ve been wishing that I could do something to improve the lives of every animal on this planet, that every one of them could be as happy as my babies act and that maybe if I think hard enough I could figure out how to make that possible.

I’ve been wondering if I wasted $60 recently on a “new venture” and if I’d waste another $15 by buying a rain slicker for Tessa.

I’ve been wondering how it is possible that part of me is so incredibly sensitive and tenderhearted and another part is cynical and misanthropic and totally impatient and actually wishes that I said the f-word.   (I mean, who wishes that!??)

I’ve been pondering – to great depths – how it is that other people can see things as they see them so clearly when to me, they are the furthest thing from sensible that I can fathom.   I’ve been wondering why people go where they aren’t wanted or speak when it isn’t appropriate or generally do other falling-down-stupid things.

I’ve been trying to understand how people think they can make a difference in the world by being cruel and judgmental and condescending.  I’ve also been trying to figure out how anyone feels that they have any right or authority to be either of those things.

I’ve been wondering when my house will be clean and when my head will stop hurting and when I will finally feel rested and when I’ll stop being sad that fall is over when it has only just begun and when I will make pretty things and do the things on the list that has no end.

I’ve been trying to decide if I will always feel like I’m in something of a state of limbo and if I will always live waiting for some other shoe to drop but not really knowing what that shoe is.

I’ve been wondering how much to let the inevitable things like death and loneliness affect me on an everyday basis as I seem to already do.

I’ve been trying to talk down the intense drive in me to list more in my Etsy store and sell, sell, sell so that I can make money for I’m not really sure what.  I’ve been wondering what it is that I always feel like I’m forgetting.

And, with all this over-thinking, the list really does get longer and the computer that is my brain works more slowly.  What I need to talk down is all this over-thinking.


It has been a LONG time since I’ve had my ears pierced.  I’ve had them done twice now and let them grow up each time.  They got infected and I just didn’t want to fool with it and blah blah.

But, I’m kind of wanting them done again and this is why:

(Click photo to see listing.)

I absolutely love these huge earrings that look kind of like gauges.  Especially those turquoise hoops.  How fabulous are they?  So, I’m trying to decide if they are worth being pierced again.  Will keep you posted.

Updated:  This post was started on June 30 and it is now August 30 and I’m still thinking about it.  I’m not scared at all of the pain, I’m scared of the change of not having pierced ears for so long and suddenly having them again. 

Let me just cut to the chase and say… I’m scared of change.  Period.