Hello, my name is KB & I’m an Etsy Addict.

Yes folks, it is true. I seriously need a 12-Step program for this addiction.

But, who can blame me? Have you been there? Have you SEEN it!??! It is amazing, a bonafide wonderland of delightful things that are made with love and much creativity and insight. You can find anything there but none of it is typical or boring or, best of all, mass-produced. It is LOVELY!

If you spend a mere ten minutes there, you will see that Etsy is beaming with talent. There are so many creative people there that I couldn’t shake a stick at them all. Jewelry-makers, “Trashion” clothing experts, printmakers, beadmakers, collage artists, photographers, sculptors, graphic artists, you name it!

I have 614 favorite sellers there so far and all of them are fab but a few of my FAVORITE-favorites are:

The Devil’s Cloth – Her items are so beautiful and so wonderfully made. She makes adorable tote bags from old shirts and she has a line now of handcrafted and fired pendants that she has made into beautiful necklaces.

I’m particulary excited about the one I recently bought from her – The Arrowheads Pottery Necklace. Aren’t those colors BEAUTIFUL!?

I’m also excited about the one she posted recently that is named for me! I’ve never had anything named for me so this is super-exciting. It is beautiful in blues and greends too – Recy Double Pottery Pendant Necklace. And her prices are very reasonable, which is so nice too.

Another favorite is StudioAk. His etchings and engravings are beautiful, with such attention to detail. Really beautiful work at reasonable prices too! Who doesn’t love original art?

Yet another favorite (I promise not to go through all 614 of them!) is Lorimarsha. I have not yet had enough extra cash to purchase one of her amazing items but I can sit with a cup of coffee and just daudle through them. They are so wonderful! Lorimarsha takes carefully selected vintage clothing items and accessories and remakes them into wonderful pieces such as this dress. I absolutely LOVE her work and she will donate part of the sales from select sections of her shoppe to research funds. Even better!

I also love:

OriginalJewels – Who has THE MOST beautiful repurposed vintage jewelry.
The Dreamy Giraffe – Who has the MOST beautiful whimsical paintings.
Pillowhead – Who makes the CUTEST sachets and embroidered items. (I got some of her coffee bean sachets.)
MadameBijoux – Who makes BEAUTIFUL (and remarkably low-priced) acrylic jewelry with quotations on them.
SoulyStones – Who has some ADORABLE photography pendants.
Kendra Binney – Who also makes LOVELY whimsical paintings.
The Broken Plate – Who repurposes old plates, glass, etc. into beautiful pendant necklaces.
Scentiments by Sandra – Who hand-pours custom candle scents into vintage vessels.
Papaya and TenLittleFingers – Whose clothes are to die for.
Jessprkle – Who has the BEST paper beads EVER. (I just bought this set from her and plan to make a cool flapper necklace from them!)
…and last, but certainly not least…
Lollipopart – Who has the cutest cat drawings ever (just bought three of them too!)

This is such a TEENY sampling of all the talent on Etsy and really also a very TEENY sampling of my favorites! If you haven’t yet, have a browse around Etsy. I will guarantee that you will find boucoodles of things that you love love love! I do… EVERY DAY!

So, happy shopping from this Etsy addict! Please post a comment here and let me know your favorite sellers at Etsy, favorite items or recent purchases there. I love Etsy talk!


P.S. I put my last season QuoteMarks on sale today for half-price. Grab them while you can! They are sitting on my desk ready to be shipped to a new home. Check them out here.



2 thoughts on “Hello, my name is KB & I’m an Etsy Addict.

  1. Etsy is SO ADDICTIVE. Love the Etsy Addict Graphic. Are you ever afraid that you may end up spending more than you make on etsy, I know that is what I have been doing so far. Thanks for linking to my site 🙂

  2. Yes – you are an addict, and you are dragging your friends right to EAA with you! I can’t stop browsing the various Etsy stores. Right when I think I’m done, I stumble upon another little treasure.

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