New Year’s Resolutions – 2007

Hello readers,

We now come to the point where I will post my resolutions for 2007. I make these every year – I mean, EVERY YEAR. I always resolve to do great things, to make this year leaps and bounds better than the last. I’m not sure why I do that, exactly, as I’ve not had a really “BAD” year at all yet. I’m not sure why I think that one year needs to be SO MUCH better than the last when the last wasn’t all that bad to start with. But, I do anyway. Maybe I like the idea of a challenge. Maybe it is fun and exciting to plan things out. Maybe the thought of an other-worldly year is what I need to make me smile.

Whatever it is, I set them. Faithfully. Diligently. Without fail.

A friend mentioned today that she is very general about her resolutions. I’ve heard conflicting views of this. I’ve read a lot of times that the more specific resolutions or goals, the easier and more likely it is to reach them. However, this particular friend is one of THE MOST well-rounded, successful, adventurous, intelligent, creative, fun people I know so perhaps I should go with her way of doing it.

Eh… maybe next year.

For now, here are my probably-too-specific, setting-myself-up-for-disappointment New Year’s Resolutions for 2007.

Do more yoga – at least three times each week – and read daily from my Meditations on the Mat book

Spend less time online and more time developing my crafts (for Etsy)

Along that same line… Post more items to Etsy and create more things – and more variety – to post there

Market my Etsy more

Spend less time watching TV and more time reading (follow TBR Challenge)

Write and sketch in my journals more often

Do a one-week raw food fast every two months

Move (at some point this year)

Keep up with my blog better than I have been

Schedule things out better – develop better time-management

Get rid of ALL of the vintage clothes that I do not wear

Work on my personal style – go through my wardrobe, work some outfits out, grow my nails, get a hair cut that I like

Drink more water

Take my vitamins daily

Start back with keeping my Gratitude Journal and start back reading in Simple Abundance each day


Nurture myself more – take myself on day trips like I once did, pamper myself with self-spa treats, go to movies solo once in awhile, etc.

Again, these are probably far too specific but they make me smile and give me hope anyway. They may be tweaked and amended along the way but, right now, these are the things that I aspire to in the year 2007.


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions – 2007

  1. Hey Zazazu! Thanks for coming over to NaYoPracMo (and thanks Lisa for mentioning it)! Your resolutions are great…I need to make some of my own…for now, yoga practice every day in January is it!

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