This is the Plan, Stan… (call for some input)

Perhaps some of you are wondering what “What would happen if…” is all about. Well, without further delay, let me tell you.

The plan for “What would happen if…” is to introduce one “experiment” ever so often and do that for a set period of time and see what happens, if anything. For example… “What would happen if I complimented at every person I came into contact with?” Or… “What would happen if I were the person I aspire to be for ONE week?” Or… “What would happen if I didn’t speak all day?” And report the results here. The WWHI experiments can be very small and seemingly insignificant or larger, with more time and effort involved. Time will tell what all will be embarked upon.

I’ve gotten several great ideas for “What would happen if…” (WWHI) challenges from my YCDI sisters but would LOVE to hear more. If you have a good thing to try for a few days, week or month, shout it out! Let me know! I’ll keep an ongoing folder of experiments to conside for WWHI. I’m open to most anything.

Most anything, I say. There are, of course, certain caveats. I will not do anything that goes against my being vegetarian. I will not do anything that is possible offensive to anyone or hurtful. I will not do anything that goes against my core values or puts anyone into harm’s way. I think all of this goes without saying but… well… I wanted to say it anyway. Also, I will not have more than three WWHI experiments going at any one given time. I couldn’t keep up wtih it and I couldn’t do justice to each experiment if I had too much going on.

The point of WWHI is to allow things that might not otherwise be allowed to happen in my life. The point is to be open to things and see what happens, what changes within me, what changes around me, how it affects me. The point is to step outside of myself a bit more, to live outside the box and, in some instances I’m sure, a bit outside my comfort zone. The point is to try new things, open myself up, take some risks – however small, be an adventurer, live out loud!

My friend Jenni on MySpace has a saying that I love and I think applies here. She says: “When we do only what we know we will soon find ourselves with nothing to do.” Wonderful and wise words. They pertain beautifully to WWHI.

So, send me your suggestions! I’d love to hear them! I’m open to almost anything so be brave, be creative, be bold! I can’t wait to start!

Another area I’d like your feedback on is the set-up of this blog. Please let me know if it is easy to navigate, find, and read. Do I have too many categories? Not enough? Is the background okay and easy to see? Let me know! I want this to be a reader-friendly blog so your input – now and in future – is welcome and encouraged.

Thanks for being here, readers! Send me your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “This is the Plan, Stan… (call for some input)

  1. I’ve been contemplating going totally sugar-free for a time (as you know, I was supposed to do this last summer, buuut…), so perhaps I would try a sugar-free week?

  2. YES! This is a great idea! I’m adding it to the roster. I wonder how hard that would be? I mean, what ALL has sugar in it? Something to think about… Thanks, Kelly! šŸ™‚

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