Back in the saddle

I fell off the yoga wagon at the last part of 2006 in a BIG way. I thought about yoga but that is about as far as I got. Hopefully, my determination and discipline in that area will be renewed.

I can feel my body aching from not having done it in too long. My hips hurt, my spine feels all compacted and whiney, and I’m popping in places that I should not pop. It isn’t good.

It also isn’t good that external things are prompting me to get back on the mat but, after Swami Santa visited, I am feeling more motivated.

Among other things, I got a copy of Meditations from the Mat, a book that I’ve been longing for for quite a long time. It is here now and I have faith that it will renew my spirit a bit.

I’ve also pulled out My Yoga Journal, a book that was given to me as a gift but never put into use. I plan to record more about my practice and struggles there, a more in-depth account of what I post here (probably a bit more whiney than I would ever let any of you see :)).

Other yoga texts that I plan to work my way through this year include:

365 Yoga

Bringing Yoga to Life

Yoga and the Quest for the True Self

And, as you all know from a previous post, I’ve signed up to participate in NaYoPracMo. I’m excited about this as it is a good jumpstart, good accountability and the community of people who are taking part in this challenge is amazing. I’ve already met a slew of wonderful people and have some friends participating as well, which will make for some serious get-it-done.

I think my Year in Yoga will be a good one. I can only have faith that it will be and take it one day at a time. I think starting it off positively is the best way to go.

Off to practice now…



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