Candy for My Spirit

On this, the last day of 2006, I’ve been thinking, as most people probably are, of the past year, what happened, what transpired, the changes that took place – both inwardly and outwardly. For the most part, they have been good things. I’m happy, overall. I grew as a person, I believe, and the mistakes that I made were things that I ultimately learned from. That is good. I can only hope that 2007 will be more of the same, or, ideally, even better.

I realize today, however, that I’ve lost touch with several things that I enjoy, things that I’ve been interested in the past, in the past year even. For 2007, I plan to ressurect some of those things.

For starters, I plan to watch more movies. If you’ve read my Resolutions for the new year, you might say that this goes in direct contrast to my resolve to watch less TV. Maybe but… historically, I’ve really enjoyed foreign films, documentaries, obscure arty films. I believe and know from experience that these type films broaden my horizons, they open my mind a bit, they make me think in a way that I might not otherwise. Sadly, watching CSI four times a week does not have the same effect. And, occassionally, there are mainstream movies that I wish to see like, right now, The Devil Wears Prada and The Holiday. These are fluff films but still, possibly, a bit better than CSI (dare I admit that I’m watching CSI as I blog this?) So, to that end, I’ve reactivated my NetFlix queue and have a movie headed my way this week, the first week of January.

I also plan to bring my the joy that is my Friday Afternoon Nap. When I was in Oxford, as many of you know, I LOVED my traditional “FAN”. LOVED IT and it was almost impossible to entice me to miss it. It sounds a bit silly, I guess, but it is like a bit of decadence at the end of a week, a nice pause between the week and the weekend. Besides, who would it hurt anyway? 😉

Also, as I’ve been mentioning for sometime now, I plan to get out more. Hallelujah, I can hear some of you sighing. Yes, I’ve become too much of a homebody and it is doing me no good, nor is it behooving anyone else. So, I will make an effort to DO something at least once a week, whether it be taking myself to a movie, going to Memphis for some errands, going to Oxford to see friends or going to visit my Aunt or my sister in nearby towns. I know that this will be good for me. I have the good sense to know it myself and I’m never allowed to forget it from my Mother. That’s good though; she reminds me out of concern.

Some of my outings will depend on my financial state at any particular time but I also realize that entertaining outings do not have to be expensive or cost anything at all. I want to spend more time doing things with myself, like I once did. It nurtured me and fed my spirit and I loved it and know that would love it again. So, please, no pity when you hear that I’ve gone solo to a movie, or to lunch, or poking around in Memphis. Chances are, it will be by choice. The best relationship I have is with myself, right? So then, I plan to nurture that more this year.

Of course, I suppose that it goes without saying that I also plan to do more of the classic pampering things – foot scrub, heavy cream and cotton socks before bed; exfoliation; enhanced hair care (I’m going to try shampooing only once each week to see if my hair will be healthier and not as dry as it has seemed); using more cuticle cream; flossing; the occassional massage; etc. These are all such delicious, wonderful things that too many people – myself included – do not make time for. I also plan to try skin brushing, as I’ve heard some wonderful things about it.

Very soon now, I also plan to go through my wardrobe and weed out a TON of it. I need to better organize my clothes too, so I can know what I have and what I need. I plan to do the same with my massive jewelry collection, keeping favorite and useful pieces and selling the others on eBay. As soon as possible after I do that, I plan to get some new items and get a nice haircut. It is all LONG overdue. I know that. I’m a thirty-year-old gal with a lot of life in her; I should look the part too, right?

So, in addition to my resolve to read more, eat better, do more yoga, create more, etc., I think that these bits of “candy for my spirit” will help me to be more of th person that I aspire to be, the person I know that I can be. Am I setting myself up for failure with these lofty plans? Maybe. But without anything to work toward, what else would we do? And, as I struggle to work toward all of those things, these pamperings – for my body and soul – will be the icing on the cake.

:::Let me know any favorite pampering treats that you love, as well as any wonderful movie recommendations. I love suggestions from the well-rounded people that are my readers!:::


7 thoughts on “Candy for My Spirit

  1. I had a couple of girlfriends over on Friday and we watched The Devil Wears Prada… you’ll love it. The book is really good too!

    I think it will be really good for you to get out and about more. Even something simple… just to get out and enjoy life again will be great.

  2. I’ve got The Devil Wears Prada on the way from NetFlix! Wahoo! Do you have NetFlix? Here is my queue:

    If you have any other good movie recommendations, please let me know!

    Yes, I know that getting out more will be good for me. I think all of these things I’ve planned and made up my mind for will collectively do me a world of good. Here’s hoping!

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