I came across an apt saying tonight, one that I can very easily apply to my New Year’s Eve activities. It says:

Take comfort on the uneventful. It prepares you for what’s to come.

The events of my evening, this Eve of 2007, epitomize uneventful. Please don’t misunderstand; I’m very happy with the celebration that I’m having. I’m home, with my parents’ and Delali. I will get a lovely kitty kiss at the stroke of midnight and go to bed soon after. Between now and then, I will bore you all with blogs as I drink Yerba Mate and watch CSI (yes, it is still on – there is a MARATHON!) Almost too much excitement for one evening, don’t you think? But, I’m never one for elaborate plans or going out and being wild and crazy. I don’t need that to ring in a potentially wonderful New Year.

And, as the saying suggests, I will take comfort in this uneventful evening. I will have faith that it is preparing me for the wonderful things ahead in this New Year.

Bring it on. 🙂

:::Hopefully next year, I will have Jay by my side to ring in the New Year, although we will probably also celebrate in a fairly uneventful way. He has already rung in the New Year. It is quite odd to celebrate them so separately, with so much time and distance in between. Our collective resolve is to never celebrate them apart again. I’m happy about that. :):::


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