What Would Happen If #1 (January)

Some of you may have already deducted what my WWHI experiments for the month of January. I should have written it out better sooner but I didn’t so will do so now.

For the month of January, I will explore what would happen if I did yoga each day (NaYoPracMo) and what would happen if I didn’t watch any crime shows at all (No Bones…). I’ve blogged about each undertaking separately in other areas of my blog but I want to keep updates on them and decided that they would count for WWHI’s and that the updates should be posted to the appropriate section.

As for the NaYoPracMo undertaking, I feel like a bit of a slack-o in that area but the goal this month is to move past that. I have been reading faithfully in my new Meditations on the Mat book and that inspires me, even if I’m not on the mat. I’ve also taken out my completely blank, never used My Yoga Journal book and decided to use it a bit too, to record more fully how I’m feeling about my practice, what hurts, what doesn’t feel right and what does. Mostly, though, I think it will be a mental tool, to move me past the negativity I associate with my practice, with “having” to do it, and with having to reach a certain pinnacle of practice before I can consider that I’ve succeeded. :::It is a beautiful book, to those of you who might be wondering, beautifully written and laid-out and I would recommend it to anyone interested in vamping up their yoga practice.::: I believe that I can move through this guilt and angst that I associate with yoga and I’m determined to do that. My brain is in such conflict over it all – part of me wants so badly to have such a dedicated practice but the other part of me just won’t move my body onto the mat. The goal then, is to get those parts more in sync.

As for not watching crime-TV, it isn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be. I’ve not had my TV on any this week (although I have watched a bit of HGTV with my Mother – I consider it to be bonding time and HGTV isn’t nearly as detrimental to my psyche as CSI.) I fleetingly thought about Bones last night when I knew it would be on but then, I went about my business, not giving it another thought at all. As deep as I thought my addiction to this was, I’m surprised that I’m not more bent-up about missing it. I conclude then, that my pull to turn on the TV, to turn to crime-TV was more of a pacifier, more of a comfort blanket. I did it because it was there and because I could. No more though… I like the feeling of being a TV minimalist. Dare I mention that I’m also thinking about cutting out House? We’ll have to see how strong I am when the new episodes start to run but I’m definitely thinking about it. The more I ponder and the less I have the TV on, the more I realize that I like not having any severe emotional ties to a box that shows a picture. It is a good thing.

So, then those are my WWHI’s for January. Any of you who would like to join me on these are welcome. Please post your comments! I will report from time to time as I can and as there are developments, hopefully good ones.


6 thoughts on “What Would Happen If #1 (January)

  1. Do you have any predictions or hopes for what will happen after your 30 days of yoga and 30 days of no crime TV? It will be interesting if you do, to see if they are as you suspect and what unexpected thoughts, changes, feelings might occur.

  2. My only hopes and predictions are to have both as set habits for myself and to be calmer and more at ease as a result of both. I’m pretty high-strung and need whatever I can get to help with that.

  3. I think keeping a yoga journal is wonderful idea, it’s such a supportive thing to do for oneself. I wish you every success in your endeavour to give up the television.

  4. Hey Kristen! I’ve done GREAT with the “No Crime TV” resolve but not so great with yoga. I’m completely Crime-TV-Free now. I do miss Bones from time to time but haven’t caved and watched it. I’m surprised to find, however, that it is the ONLY one I miss. Strange. As for yoga, not sure what will conquer that. I’m beginning to think that I need to tackle time management before I tackle anything else really. That is my downfall right there.

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