Live like you mean it…

Did anyone see the newstory tonight about the man in NYC who saved the other man who had fallen onto the subway track? Amazing story. The man is truly a hero; he saved this other man’s life.

These men were complete strangers, standing on the subway platform in NYC, waiting on the next subway. One of the men to began to have a seizure (according to one account I saw) and fell off into the subway track. The other man, standing on the platform with his children, instinctually jumped into the tracks to try to get him out, risking his own life to do so. The train was too close, the man was too heavy, he could not be lifted out. So, the man who had jumped in – the hero – rolled the man who was having a seizure into one of the track crevices – not very deep at all – held him as still as possible and the train passed over them.

They both survived – one of them totally unscathed – but it could have been so different. With his children watching the entire time, that man put his life in very grave danger for another man, a complete stranger.

It begs the question… would you have done the same? Or would you have been one of the ones on the platform, watching the horror unfold, waiting to see what happened, yet, not doing anything to help? Which one would you have been?

Of course, putting your life at risk is putting your life at risk whether it is a heroic move or not, whether it is to save the life of another or not. There is and always will be a bit of foolishness in that.

But, would you rather risk things, take a chance, jump off into the unknown, follow your instincts, do what feels right, see what you are made of, realize what you can do for others, go with your gut, help someone, think outside yourself for a bit, and live like you mean it? Or, would you rather stand on the platform while someone else does all of that?

I’m not ready to jump off into a subway track with a train barrelling down behind me but I do know which one I would choose, if only metaphorically speaking.

What an example this man is. Kudos to him for living like he means it.


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