NaYoPracMo #4

I made it to the mat today.

Clarification… I made it to the mat today for longer than eight minutes.

After a warm-up shower this afternoon (I’m bad about taking those), I felt so warm, loose and relaxed and I thought… “What a better time to do yoga?”

So, I did.

I did six Sun Salutations, some hip opening stretches and an enthusiastic ab series. I practiced for about forty-five minutes and it was great.

I’m having something of a pain in my hip, particularly, where my right leg meets my torso. It seems to “catch” each time I move it out, especially when I’m lying on my back and go to stretch it forward. It hurts so bad that it causes me to flinch and stop momentarily. I’m pushing on through it but… I wonder if that is the best thing.

I’m also noticing that I’m very, VERY tired after my practices. I’m not sure what that is about. Literally, when I finish with a routine – even if it isn’t very involved – I could fall over and sleep for days, or so it feels.

I wanted to do yoga today and that felt good. I’m not sure what was different about today than any other day but I really wanted to get on the mat, to not procrastinate it.

I have high hopes for tomorrow.


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