The Devil Wears Prada… and Chanel… and Miu Miu… and Gucci…

… and Louboutin… and Choo… and Marni… and more Chanel. Oh my.

If you can’t tell, I’ve got fashion on the brain.

My day was long and arduous. Well, not really long and not so arduous but the afternoon portion of it was a bit trying. Let’s recap.

I had to run into town for some errands – bank, post office, shoe store (yes, it is a necessity), etc. – the normal stuff. My last stop was Wal-Mart, to get several semi-crucial items like toothpaste and a toothbrush and deoderant. Admittedly, these items are not as important as shoes but I was careful to make that stop first.

The conditions for tooling around town were not ideal this afternoon. It wasn’t raining… it was RAINING. Torrents. Sheets. Gales. It was a bonafide deluge (and no, I’m not exxagerating at all!) Yet, go out into the rain I did, with a mission, to get my long-overdue errands done. Upon arriving at Wal-Mart, my last stop of the day, I made several rounds through the carpark, carefully staked out my parking place, and, when the time was right, I took it for my own. I should have sensed something was askance when several people passed up the spot I had chosen. But, being a bit naive at times, I pulled into said spot, happy with myself for being so sleuthful, for securing such a close-up spot.

The gloating was short-lived. Getting out of the car, I landed BOTH feet in full six inches of water, soaking my socks the bottoms of my jeans, my feet and, worst of all, my leather shoes.

I will not speak of the madness that sprang forth from me after that, nor will I repeat the words that I uttered (all too loudly, I’m afraid). Suffice it to say that it wasn’t a pretty site, I wasn’t a happy camper and my errand trip was cut alarmingly short.

But, wet and cold feet do not an atrocious day make.

After my mad fit in the parking lot, a drive home, a warm-up shower (yes… another one! I only took two today, in addition to my actual “cleaning” shower), and a bit of dinner, I was more than pleased to remember that I had The Devil Wears Prada waiting for me from my NetFlix queue. (God bless NetFlix.)

As has already been mentioned, I’m cutting out the vast majority of my television watching (translation: crime shows) and have compensated a bit by reactivating my NetFlix membership.

The Devil Wears Prada was my first movie in a long time.

And it was delightful.

As most of you know, I love fashion. I love all of it. I can’t afford much of it but I love it all the same and follow it as closely as a girl in Mississippi can. I read Vogue. And Elle. And InStyle. And Lucky. And TeenVogue (hey, don’t knock it until you read it!) I know as much as a person can about Anna Wintour, Diana Vreeland, Oscar de la Renta, and Karl Lagarfeld and I would swear on Chanel if I had any. I keep up, or at least I make a darned good effort to.

So, The Devil Wears Prada was top on my list of movies to watch.

I will admit that the fashion was far better than the actual plot-line, although it was good too. I thought that Anne Hathaway was phenomenal and that Meryl Streep, in typical fashion, was stellar. The supporting characters – except for Stanley Tucci – could have been better.

Perhaps the writers wanted us to feel a bit more sorry for the boyfriend in this movie but… well… I just didn’t. He was whiney and a bit pathetic. I was glad when she took a break from him and NOT because I think that Simon Baker is one of the cutest guys on the planet (second only to another certain Aussie that my heart belongs to). I get that she had changed who she was and all of that but she was getting ahead, making a name for herself, doing what needed to be done. Couldn’t he admire that and be supportive? Apparently not. I can’t say that I was gung-ho for that twist in the plot.

But the fashion, which was a story-line in itself, I was all gung-ho for. All I can say is… “Oh to work at a fashion magazine and get to wear all those lovely, designer clothes and pay for nary a one… Ahhhhhhhhhh… ”

There was a bit of everything – or should I say everyone – in this movie, as I mentioned at the start of this blog. There were some beautiful outfits and then… er… some not so beautiful outfits. But, I shan’t dwell on the negative so, without further ado (okay, just a bit more ado), I will post the outfits that I particularly loved.

Starting with… This lovely outfit!
(My commentaries are below each photo.)


This outfit was my top, number-one, hands-down favorite. It is a bit funky yet, so very elegant and classy, as a good outfit should be. This outfit features a black boat neck top by David Rodriguez over a white shirt by Miu Miu. The newsboy cap is by Chanel, as well as the necklace featuring two strands of white pearls with Chanel Parisian charms.


Next up is another dear favorite, an elegant, classy, go-anywhere dress in a rich brown, a color that is a welcome reprieve from black. This cute little number – by Calvin Klein – is knee-length olive jersey with a buttoned neckline yoke, topped ever-so-cooly with a woven leather belt. The pewter and gold handbag is by Kate Spade and, of course, no outfit complete without it, the sunglasses are by Chanel.


This one is class all the way, a look that, let us all hope, will never go out of style. A bit Audrey Hepburn but one that most of us can easily pull off. This outfit features a nubby tweed newsboy style cap by Chanel, Calvin Klein gold snakeskin satchel and grey tweed Marni t-strap pumps with dark brown leather trim.


This one is also very much in the vein of Audrey Hepburn but, perhaps, a bit harder for the rest of us to pull off. Green? Well, not so great on everyone. But great here! The gorgeous kelly green, leopard print trimmed overcoat is by Lewin, topped off with a Kate Spade doctor’s satchel and, naturally, Chanel sunglasses.


Finally, no wardrobe would be complete without a bit of funk, the obligatory eclectic, boho look. This one fits the bill, although with a bit more class than most bohemians I’ve seen. This catchy ensemble features a black Mongolian lamb swing coat by Rebecca Taylor, black quilted leather bag by Chanel, saddle leather boots by Christian Louboutin and, making the outfit what it is, a rust cashmere knit skully cap. Smashing… or groovy… either works!

Overall, I loved the movie, if mostly for the fashion. It was the perfect fashionable end to a decidedly UN-fashionable day.



13 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Prada… and Chanel… and Miu Miu… and Gucci…

  1. mother and I watched the movie a few weeks ago…did you read the book? the problems between Andi and her boyfriend as well as ALL of her friends and her family (which the movie doesn’t really showcase) is much more detailed there. as for the clothes, i like the green coat best. i could pull it off…along with scarlet o’hara! ha ha πŸ™‚

  2. No, I didn’t read the book actually. I might should but… I have too many ahead of it on my to-read list.

    The green coat was cute. However, I feel a very deep need to find a boat-neck sweater ensemble like she had on when she went to drop the book once. LOVE THAT!

  3. hello again…i tried to add you my blogroll one day last week but for some reason it didn’t ‘take’. of course i will try again. and no, the green fabric is not your shawl! duh, you were with me with i bought the shawl yarn and it wasn’t green! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh yes, I forgot about being with you when you bought the yarn. You know me though and how forgetful I am… I’ve since forgotten what color it is. Duh! I think it is kind of an oatmeal color? Is that right? My heart is growing sad and weary as I await its birth. Sigh…. I will definitely have to blog about it when it appears before me. I know it will be an amazing piece of handiwork.

    Yes, get me on thy blog, Friend! πŸ™‚

  5. You are too funny! I was laughing (at your expense…sorry!) about your Wal-Mart puddle jumping trip.

    I knew you would love TDWP. Wouldn’t you just die to have access to all of those clothes? I know…there’s the job you should try to get KB! An assistant to the editor of a fashion mag!

  6. Yes, I would love all of those clothes. However, I would NOT love all the abuse that the girl got in that movie. I just didn’t think all that was necessary. It would be a sweet job but… I’d rather FREELANCE about fashion! πŸ™‚

  7. Great post, KB! Sorry about your watery trip to Wally! 😦
    Thank goodness for the escapism of a good movie!
    Not that I have any fashion sense, but I’ll add that I like the white coat outfit best, minus the snakeskin bag and the gloves–I just don’t care for those gloves. Hmm, not sure I really like the hat either…. I want to re-accesorize that outfit! : )

  8. My Mom liked the white coat outfit the best too. I also loved it but loved the accessories that she had with it. I’m quite the hat person and have a good many. However, I DO NOT have one as fabulous as that one! Ah well…. πŸ™‚

  9. I love, love, love The Devil Wears Prada!!!!!

    I too echo your love for fashion, Vogue is my bible…though I admit, it is hard to entice myself to be all fashion girl when I work at home now….My Michael Kors mules, see a bit much when I am just in my studio painting….

    but I wear theme anyway.

  10. Jenn – I also have tons of great fashionable clothes and shoes that I never wear anymore. Sigh…. That just comes with being a hermit, I think. And, you may not believe this but, I let me Vogue subscription run out! I just wasn’t reading it enough anymore to keep it. Maybe someday… πŸ™‚

  11. There’s actually a site that I heard about that will be indexing all products from movies and TV shows and allow you to find those items online. I think it’s called GlooTV ( I can’t wait till it launches…

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