Are you willing to let go of doing it all so you can have it all?


2 thoughts on “Feb.5.2007

  1. ok, it was like you were reading my mind….I have NO IDEA how to manage my time…like right now, as I type this, it is 9:13am, and clearly I should be working out OR painting…but I am running late because I got up late.

    A problem I am having is I get online for “a minute” when I am letting something dry, and then it turns into me reading the etsy forums for an hour….oh no!!

  2. Jenn… The Internet is my BIGGEST enemy in this quest for better time management. I quite honestly have an addiction to it, I know that. However, I have NO idea how to get over that. If I try to NOT get online while I’m here at home, I feel like I will explode. It just doesn’t happen. And, I will tell myself that I will get on for “just a bit” and end up there most of the day. Horrible. If you figure out a way to kick that, PLEASE let me know!

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