Time Management TIPS

I’ve been researching time management tips. There are a LOT of them for corporate business, busy Moms, cooks, scientists, etc. Sadly, there aren’t any that perfectly fit my life and situation; none for work-at-home-singletons. But, I can pick and choose between what I have found and come up with some helpful ones.

Among them are:

1. Use calendars (anyone know of a good online free service for this?)
2. Be mindful in what you do / multi-tasking is bad
3. Do the most important thing first
4. Make it easy to get started (still trying to figure this one out…)
5. Organize your to-do list every day – create lists of tasks and subtasks
6. Turn off email alerts
7. Set deadlines for yourself
8. Be flexible
9. Reward yourself for goals met
10. Know your priorities

In this research, I ran across several good websites, that some of you might also find helpful.

Plan Your Day

Achieving Goals by Improving Your Character
::: Touches on setting and meeting goals through affirmations to yourself, which I’ve long thought would work beautifully. I plan to look more into this avenue of time management. :::

How to Stop Procrastinating

Simplify Your Life

And, probably the best resource I came across…

Managing Your Time
::: Includes Advantages of Time Management, Keys to Successful Time Management, Time Management Resources, a planning quiz, and helpful downloads. :::

I think that in MY case, time management will simply involve being more clear on what I want to get done.

Now, it’s your turn! What are your favorite time management tips or what tips have you read about and would like to post? Tell us!


2 thoughts on “Time Management TIPS

  1. I would suggest going to Walmart and purchasing a daily planner. They are quite cheap (I think I paid $7.95,) but very durable. It has a monthly calendar and each week is divided into days which are divided into hours. The hours start at 7:00am and go through 6:00pm. Mine is from PlanAhead. No need for online calendars. This calendar is spiral bound and easy to carry with you. Great for organizing the workday and the weekend. When you’re self-employed and working from home it is imperative that you follow a schedule.

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