Thoughts… before I turn into an icicle

Well folks, it is cold here. Not a little bit cold but a LOT cold. I’m miserable. My hands are blue, my feet are blue, and my nose is running (it does that when I get too cold). I thought I would post up a rambly blog in an effort to generate some heat through the rapid movements brought to my little fingers by typing, or, at the least, offer some parting thoughts and updates before I turn into a block of ice.

Yesterday, my Mom and I journeyed to Memphis. Our trip there was two-fold. Firstly, we went so that I could visit a nutritionist. As a vegetarian, I was finding that my eating was very willy-nilly and not very comprehensive at all. So, the visit was in order and was a good one (more about that in a minute). Our second purpose was just to get away, to go and piddle around, to have a good time, to go where the wind carried us (it carried us mainly to the massive Goodwill on Stage Road – yeehaw).

But, I digress.

The visit with the nutritionist was really good and very helpful. My voice of wisdom and practicality, a.k.a. my little brother, claimed that I could have found all of the info that the nutritionist told me online but, in fact, I did not. This particular nutritionist specializes in vegetarianism. She told me what I might be deficient in and told me the exact blood tests to ask for when I go to have bloodwork done, which she suggested I have done soon. She figured my height and weight and told me exactly how many grams of protein I should aim for each day. She said that I was most definitely protein deficient and that if I would get in this amount each day, I would have more energy, and my skin, hair and nails would improve too (problem areas of late). She even gave me a nice little chart with helpful vegetarian foods that are good sources of protein. She also gave me sources of carbs and iron, which are both very helpful to me. (Incidentally, did you know that iron is about twice as effective if taken with a bit of citrus juice? Something about Vitamin C makes it absorb more easily.) She advised me to drink more soymilk for protein and calcium and to eat more legumes. She advised to take a multi-vitamin and a calcium supplement as well.

Now, for the sad news… she strongly encouraged me to cut my caffeine consumption by half. Yes readers, I’ve been reduced to this. It is a sad, sad thing. So, this morning, I had two scoops of regular and two scoops of decaf to make my coffee with. Unlike crime TV, I simply cannot quit caf-coffee cold turkey. I think I would surely die. It will be a slow road but I’m determined to do it, whether I love it or not. (NOT!) As a last hurrah yesterday, I had three full-strength soy lattes from Starbucks. Shame on me, yes, but BOY they were good!

(Sidenote of honesty here: I cannot deny that the half coffee this morning was good. In fact, it tasted no different from four scoops of regular. I’m waiting for the headache but so far, nothing. I’m still alive!)

So, all-in-all, the nutritionist visit was a success and I’m very happy that I went. I learned a lot and I think my eating will improve ten-fold.

The other main highlight from yesterday was the massive new Goodwill that we found on Stage Road. It was LOVELY! We went into that veritable haven of wonders about noon and did not emerge until almost 4:00 p.m! Yes, I speak truth. Among other things, I got a FAB large black hobo bag with gold hardware, a cute peasant top, and books, books, BOOKS! My book haul included:

  • How to Live With a Neurotic Cat
  • Lists to Live By
  • For the Love of Books (with a card inside addressed to “Karen”… how ironic!)
  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • French Women Don’t Get Fat
  • The Confidence Course
  • It was a good haul. After our tenure in the Goodwill, we sat ourselves down and had a lovely meal at Houston’s. I had a dinner salad with the most divine bleu cheese dressing ever, and a fourth of a veggie burger with brussel sprouts on the side (I brought the rest home). I had a straight espresso for an after-lunch treat. 🙂 From there we went to Wild Oats where I meandered around and did some leisurely grocery shopping. I got much needed staples such as tahini, flaxseed oil, Bach remedies, lotion, and soy yogurt. Yum. Then we hit Old Navy (why do their jeans not fit me!??), grabbed another latte, lollygagged around Target for awhile and headed home.

    It was a truly delightful day.

    Also a delightful day – I should have mentioned this before – because it was my dear little brother’s birthday. Hooray! He turned 35. No wait, that would make me 36. I need not play that game because whatever age I joke about him being, I would be a year older. He turned 29. (That is the accurate age.) My little brother is truly a force to be reckoned with. He is so incredibly disciplined and meticulous and just awes me all the time. He is also very generous. He recently cleaned out his CD stash and gave me all of his cast-offs to “do what I wanted to do with them.” I promptly listed them on Amazon and have made an attractive chunk on them. So, kudos to him for being another year old and for always being so uber-cool. (Even though he doesn’t read my blog and won’t see this plug for him. Phooey on him!)

    What else, what else? Oh, I have some great new ideas for things to make to list on Etsy. I won’t ruin the surprises but I think they will go over nicely and I have high hopes. Fingers crossed. Now if I could just get on it and get it done. We know about my time management problem…

    But, I think I may have stumbled onto a method that might work. We will have to see. It is called Getting Things Done (GTD) and is based on a book by David Allen. Bear in mind, I have not yet read the book but I’ve learned enough from browsing about it online to know the general premise of it.

    GTD rests on the principle that a person needs to move tasks out of the mind by recording them somewhere. That way, the mind is freed from the job of remembering everything that needs to be done, and can concentrate on actually performing those tasks.

    This makes sense and I think I can do this, in some muddled form or another. I had thought I would use a fancy-schmancy journal type book to scribble these things into but I don’t think that will work. So, I will use a plain old spiral notebook that I can fold open and have a page staring at me all the time. That will be more accessible and more easy to work with. And, the lists don’t have to be tidy or pretty or bulleted or bordered with flowers and bows. The idea is to get the ideas and tasks out of your head and that doesn’t require fancification. Thank goodness.

    So, I plan to try this for awhile and see how we go. Can’t hurt anyway.

    (I also plan to use this same notebook – make columns perhaps – to record my protein intake and any Etsy craft ideas that I have. I think it a good plan to get those things out of my mind and onto paper as well. Hooray for the notebook!)

    Anyway, I’ve blogged quite enough today. I have generated some warmth and am ready to go out and tackle some tasks and get some things marked off of my GTD list. Nice. My main task today is packaging up some sold items and wrapping up the Etsy Secret Buddy swap that I’m organizing. I’ve had a great response with it and think it will be a lot of fun! It is a lot of work though but FUN work!

    And, Bones is on tonight. I’m back on ONE of my crime shows and LOVING it! Happily, it satisfies me. I don’t feel the need to watch CSI, NCIS or any other crime show. Bones is enough. Let’s hope I can say the same about decaf coffee in a couple of weeks.

    Heaven help me.


    22 thoughts on “Thoughts… before I turn into an icicle

    1. Lots of cheers for you KB. Cheers for the helpful nutritionist. Cheers for your Goodwill haul (how do you do that??), cheers for new Etsy ideas (can’t wait to hear about them) and cheers for time management! The only way I can manage my time is to make lists for each day. Things I have to get done and things that are for me included on the list.

      :(‘s for having to give up caffeine. I’m with you…that is a tough one!

    2. I already dread the decreased caffeine in my life. It is amazing how much I crave it.

      As for the thrift haul, I think the thrifting goddesses just love me. Not sure why but they do. I’m glad! :):):)

    3. Ditto on everything Kristen has written! 🙂
      Super-good luck on cutting out the caffeine! Very difficult to do, but I KNOW you can do it! 🙂
      Do you have any yerba mate to drink instead of coffee? (Or would that help?)
      GOOD LUCK!!!
      Happy birthday to your brother–you could always claim that he is really your twin and that he was incubated for a while, so you aren’t actually older than him. 🙂
      Okay, I think I’ve had way too much caffeine (from chocolate) and sugar (from some generic orange juice–yuck) today!
      Oh–YAY for the book haul, btw!

    4. I think Yerba Mate has caffeine in it too but I will check. I think I will have to drink mostly water nowadays. Ugh!

      I’m excited about my book haul too! I’m particularly excited to read The Other Boleyn Girl but I’m not sure why. I had not heard of it before nor is it my normal type of book but the reviews are amazing for it and it looks really good. It is LONG though! I know I won’t get it read as fast as you would. Ah well… I’ll plug away at it. 🙂

    5. Ha! I totally don’t read fast! (Hence my “Ha!” because that tickles me that you think I do!) I just don’t really do anything other than read in my spare time! 🙂
      It also helps that I know I’ll have to return the books back to the library, so that helps motivate me to read as much as possible each day. 🙂

    6. Oh it is freezing here too.

      I would like to hear more about the vitamins and everything too, I am a veggie and feel very lacing lately.

      also, my doctor told me to cut the caffeine too….but I just refused, flat out…lol.

      I love Memphis, I am jealous you got to go.


    7. Hey Jenn… I only live about an hour from Memphis, an hour and a half to Beale Street. I go there a good bit – all of my doctors are there, I go there thrift shopping or shopping in general a lot, organic food shopping, to see movies and shows, and I have a lot of friends there. I lived there for a year back in my twenties. It is dangerous now and I wouldn’t want to live there but it is nice to be so close to it!

      I can tell you everything I learned yesterday if you’d like. I can even send you copies of the food charts and lists that she gave me. Just let me know what all you want to know. I’m happy to help.

      Missing my caffeine. Booo!!!

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    9. Oh yeah, did your vegetarianutritioist mention anything about exercise? I mean… maybe that’s not what she does,… oh wait that’s not what this was about.

      Anyway, exercise would have kept you from being so cold, I know that for sure. And I don’t mean of the “run ten mile” variety. I just mean… walking up and down the stairs or something.

      It’ll take a couple of weeks to get through the headaches. You should really REALLY try to be strong during that time, so that you don’t get accustomed to being a bum, because then it’ll take longer to get out of the detox, and you’ll come back up lower than you started. By strong I mean, don’t give in to the pillow and mope.

      That is all. Being that there seem to be frequent updates here now, I’ll have to make a point of visiting less infrequently.

    10. i loved the other boleyn girl. there are still a couple of phillipa gregory books on my list, but they keep getting bumped down for some reason. i suppose i’ll get around to them eventually.

      i wonder how much the cold thing might have to do with cutting back the caffeine – temporary drop in circulation until your body regulates, etc.

      i found that just drinking one cup of strong coffee in the morning was enough to give me a nice morning boost. food and water had to supply the rest for the day. too much caffeine is pretty toxic to me, too, although it sure feels good temporarily. good luck.

    11. J – My brother is VERY good-looking! Should I post a picture of him for all to see??

      You know that I’m scatter-brained and all and someone am a bit slow on the uptake so I read through all of your comments before realizing who it was! Ha! I was even thinking to myself, “Dude, this person is a bit harsh and rude!” But, I’m so elated that you read it today that I don’t care. Hooray!

      And, there aren’t as many updates everyday as there were yesterday so I hope you will reconsider your thought to visit less frequently.

      As for the caffeine, I didn’t feel headaches at all yesterday. None. I just felt so tired and sleepy and sluggish that I could hardly stand myself. I’m sure the headaches are just around the corner though. Lovely.

      My vegetarianutritioist did not touch on exercise but it is something I’ve been pondering lately. I see your point about it helping to warm me and it is a good one. Walk the stairs I can do. Run a marathon I cannot do. 😉

      Roger that on not being a bum. Will do my very best.


    12. Andi – Thanks for reading! I am working on only having coffee in the morning. It isn’t going so well right now but with perserverance, I think it might. I didn’t have coffee past morning yesterday but felt so tired and bad all afternoon. I can see now that I need to get off of this caffeine addiction so that I won’t be so dependent on it. Argh!

      Can’t wait to get into The Other Boleyn Girl! I’ve heard such wonderful things about it!

    13. Catching up here, The Other Boleyn Girl is so good. You will love it. Def read it before the movie comes out.

      I am glad you went to the nutritionist. Is coffee really that bad? I thought all the antioxidants in it were keeping us young and 29 4-ever 😉

      Luvs ya, brrrr stay warm!

    14. Is there a movie of The Other Boleyn Girl coming out? I’m so out of the loop. I will read it before then. I’m glad to hear that you liked it, although everyone I’ve talked to has. I’m excited and so glad I found it on the cheap!

      Yes, as it seems, coffee / CAFFEINE is that bad. Grrrrrr… I think a bit is okay but I have an addiction. I drink way more than a bit of caf coffee. Trying to cut down. Thinking it might kill me. 😦

    15. I didn’t think I was harsh or rude…. even if you hadn’t known me…

      Take note I didn’t say I’d visit less frequently. I said with more frequent, updates, I’d have to visit less infrequently.

      Yeah, I couldn’t run a marathon either. I could bike that distance though. But that’s not really the same thing… the equivalent of a marathon but on a road bike would probably be something like 200 miles. Nope, couldn’t do that (yet).

    16. Ah yes… I misread what you wrote there, didn’t I? It happens. I’ll be glad whenever you visit.

      I don’t really get marathons anyway – running ones for sure. I mean, I admire the stamina of people who can do that and the determination and discipline it takes to train for such a thing but… after that, it escapes me. I’m really not much for exertion.

      But, after 29 years, I’m sure you know that. 🙂

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