(Tu.2.13.07) Today I’m thankful for…

The first one is a bit of a repeat from Friday but I’m still thankful for it today as it is oh-so-yummy!

  • Veggie sausage and biscuit
  • dscn9058.JPG

  • De-caf iced tea
  • – I don’t think I could get through an afternoon without it

  • Friends who send me coffee from Canada
  • coffee.JPG

  • True friends
  • – The ones who don’t always have to talk about themselves, the ones who TRULY care about you and what is going on, the ones who aren’t only out to get what they can for themselves.

  • Yoga
  • – So relaxing. So strengthening. So good for me. Such a delightful way to start the day.

    6 thoughts on “(Tu.2.13.07) Today I’m thankful for…

    1. Wow–that really looks like sausage! As a former Croissanwich (breakfast item from Burger King) junkie, I must say that looks really real and really good. It could be that I am typing with an empty stomach, though. πŸ˜‰
      Love this post and pics! I also love that I count you as one of my true friends! πŸ™‚

    2. They have the Go Lean veggie sausage at Wal-Mart. You just cook it up like a regular sausage paddy. If you get a chance, try it! It is VERY VERY VERY good!

      I count you – and all the YCDI gals – among the truest friends I have. Thank you for that!

    3. I am so glad to have met you in this lifetime and become your friend. Anything you need, always feel free to ask!

      I think I will look for the go lean sausage. We have more morningstar products in the stores near me, not a ton of go lean. I love Morningsta’rs fakin’ bacon (veggie bacon) on a sandwich with avocado and tomatoes and brie. YUM!

    4. Jody – The Go Lean is very good. I would highly recommend that you try it! If you cook it long enough, it comes out very crisp and SO good! To be very honest, the thing I missed most about being veg was sausage and this is every bit as good as “regular” sausage. So delicious!

      Incidentally, how do you cook your veg bacon? I’ve tried it and can NEVER get it right. It always comes out tasting like brittle wood or something. Ick. Any tips would be appreciated. I love bacon, avo and bean sprouts on a sandwich. YUM!

      I’m also so blessed by your friendship. For starters, I just think you are so uber-cool and clever and creative. But, you are honest and caring too. You are a rare and wonderful combination. I’m very glad to have you for a friend too! xoxoxo… πŸ™‚

    5. Hi KB,

      I found something interesting about mid-day slumps in the Chet Day’s Health-blog. It says:

      “Most people experience some brain fog many times during the week, especially at work in mid-afternoon. That’s when they chug another cup of coffee full of caffeine and sugar or bounce over to the vending machine to purchase a “gimme a lift” candy bar…

      The Number One natural brain-boosting favorite heath food I’ve used myself and heard about over the years is organic baby spinach. This probably sounds nuts if you’ve never tried it, but munching a handful or two of raw baby spinach will give you a mental and physical lift like you wouldn’t believe.

      Other brain-lifting munchies would include sardines, tuna, turkey, and a good quality green tea. Almonds also work.

      Stay away from grains… they tend to dull thinking power rather than to lift it.”

      I thought that this may be of interest to you, since you have been going half-caf lately.

    6. Thanks, Jenny! These are great tips!

      Organic baby spinach, huh? I’ve not heard that before but will be eager to try it. I also love green tea so will try that too.

      Thanks! πŸ™‚

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