Girls Gone Slumbering

The time is upon us, dear friends and readers… Yes, it is finally time for the Virtual Slumber Party hosted by Stilettoheights.

Hopefully, I’m in good company when I say that I’ve been to my share of slumber parties in my day. From the time I was a young’un to … well … the end of last year sometime, my girlfriends and I have been bonafide slumberers. I had one every year for my birthday when I was growing up. My birthday is in the very middle of summer so I can’t imagine a slumber party without ice cream, cake (or ICE CREAM CAKE – YUM!), a Slip-n-Slide and a tree to pee behind.

(Sidebar here… Do you all REMEMBER the wonder called the Slip-n-Slide? Why did we enjoy those things? I think I still suffer from residual rib bruising from flinging myself onto a spot of ground that was covered only by a thin piece of plastic, in the name of “good times”. Eep.)

And those were just the ones that I hosted (with a TON of help from my Mom, of course).

I’ve been to more slumber parties than I can count. Every friend had one for her birthday when I was growing up and if you were anybody, you were invited! They were never co-ed but we did try to sneak in calls to boys, although sometimes we just hung up. My best friend Meridith and I were snatched away from a particular slumber party in the middle of the night by our Mothers who had tried for hours to call on the phone and – GASP! – it was busy. So, they suspected (rightly so) that we were pranking cute boys (were they really that cute though?) and stole us away in the middle of the night.


And scandal tonight as well over at Jenn’s Virtual Slumber Party. Check out the photos posted on her blog. We have tons of fashion magazines, cheap red wine, girly movies and pizza rolls (hope they are vegetarian friendly). Oh, and a bit of Justin Timberlake for Jenn too (naturally! :)). I’ve brought to the party a huge trunk of cool vintage clothes for dress-up, firstly, and to tear apart and reconstruct after that. We are all creatives, after all. Fun stuff!

For a list of the cool slumber party guests, visit Jenn’s blog. Feel free to leave comments for us as we slumber.

Have fun!

We will be. 🙂


23 thoughts on “Girls Gone Slumbering

  1. Lovely post about the slumber party! I can’t wait to dress up.

    P.S. I remember the slip and slide. Did you ever try to make your own? We did, and needless to say, it was interesting.

  2. Ha! No, it is one of the FEW things that we did NOT try to make. We always got the bright yellow ones from K-Mart or wherever. Hopefully they have upgraded those by now. 🙂

  3. Love it, Love it!!!!!

    and you know, we have boys too, but they are hiding probably at my myspace blog….check out Ben and Aaron’s blogs…they are two of my bff’s from back home!!!

    I remember sliup and slide too…though I think they stopped making it because of too many children getting impaled or something.

  4. I thought I had seen you mention boys being here. Ohhhh… I might get snatched away in the middle of the night again. 🙂 Just kidding! I just got carried away in my blog waxing nostalgic about my younger days as a slumberer. You’ll have to forgive me. Ha! 🙂

    Sadly, I think they still make the Slip-n-Slide, although I do think it is a more cushy, padded number with more of a soft landing. Kids these days. They don’t know what they are missing! (A.k.a. Near broken ribs!)

    ::: Waving to Ben and Aaron! :::

    Great party, Jenn! :):)

  5. HI! I am ready at the slumber party. I used to love slip n slides. I actually was talking with some friends about it the other day. I actually recall laying the stupid thing on top of a sprinkler, so when I slid, I hit the sprinkler and it hurt. It scraped down my whole stomach. The things we did as kids. I feel like I should try it again just because I might engineer the setup better now that I am older, maybe wiser?

  6. KSV – I think a reinvention of the Slip-n-Slide might be good. Could I request some extra padding on it? I think that would help. I mean… OUCH! Those things were dangerous!!!

    Stiletto – I missed Aaron’s appearance but am on my way over now to check out the action that I missed. Fun stuff! 🙂

  7. I was pretty prissy too but if my best friend Meridith did it, I did it too. She was somewhat of a tomboy too so we leveled each other out, I think. Good thing she never jumped off the roof!!

  8. My kids love their slip and slide. It’s one of those things that we get out and all the neighbor kids come over and they all go crazy on it. I’m just waiting for someone to get hurt on it!

  9. We never had major bloodshed from the Slip-n-Slide, just a lot of soreness the next day from it. I doubt there is anything to worry about and I actually think that the newer ones are padded more. That is neat that your kids love something that I loved when I was little too!

  10. Once, when a friend of mine was spending the night back in the late eighties, we received several calls from girls, who were later snatched away in the middle of the night by their mothers, too.

    Either you were secretly in love with me and now-gay-nordle, or this is a common occurrence.

  11. Okay, I’m late to the convo, but I just wanted to mention that Slip n’ Slide was one of the three things that I always wanted as a kid but never received (the other two being a Sit n’ Spin and an AT-AT). Now, they look like loads of not-fun to me; I get a skinned-knee vibe.

  12. The worst thing about them was that after the first use, they forever had grains of painful mud/sand that would unpleasantly exfoliate one for each subsequent use.

  13. Beej – I think I DID have a crush on you in the late eighties!

    Ace – What in the world is an AT-AT? Not familiar with that one but I did lead a fairly sheltered life. 🙂

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