Each morning as I drink my brew and check my emails, I also read the fun and creative musings of my dear friend Jenn, a.k.a. Stilettoheights. Not only is this lovely one a fun blogger, she is also a wildly talented artist. Just check out the beautiful pieces in her Etsy store. I have one of her ACEOs and it is impeccably done. It is a tiny little piece of original art encased in clear archival plastic/acrylic holder that stands by itself and perfectly displays the art. And her prices are a STEAL! Currently, my heart’s obsession is this piece of hers – You Kissed Me Under This Tree. As I mentioned to her this morning, I’m simultaneously trying to talk myself into and out of buying it. It is so beautiful, just like all of her work!

But, I get carried away. Allow me to address the actual topic of this post.

In Jenn’s blog entry for today, she “tagged” me, making it my turn to tell three things about myself that most of you most likely don’t know.

I mulled it over and couldn’t think of any really scandalous things to divulge (is that good or bad?) But, interesting or not, here they are:

1. I can read and speak Medieval English.

I had to take a comprehensive survey course on Chaucer during my last year of under-grad at Ole Miss. The professor – a formidable and very annoying little man – dedicated the first half of the course to teaching us Medieval English and then would not allow us to speak anything else for the remainder of the course. ANNOYING! But, kind of cool too, in retrospect. I say a mean Prologue to the Tales, if you can overlook the deep Southern accent.

2. The middle toe on my right foot is dead.

When I was 16, I was walking with socks only outside at my Grandmother’s house. My Dad and brother were changing out the box blades on the tractor. My Dad asked me to come over and hold two of the blades while he pulled the bar out to change the blades (not sure really how all of that worked). I was holding two, my brother was holding two, my Dad was holding one and pulling the bar out. Unfortunately, there was one blade that wasn’t being held and it fell onto the top of my foot and severely cut my middle toe. Now, how it managed to JUST cut the middle one, I’m still not sure. But, it did. There was a ton of blood. I almost passed out. Had to go to the ER. They stitched my dangling toe back on and it is still there but totally dead. It is an odd purple color at all times and I can’t feel anything in it. Need I say that I DO NOT wear open-toed shoes? Ever.

(My brother, of course, knows this little tid-bit about me, as he was there and witnessed the whole thing.)

3. I stop and help turtles across the road if I see them.

I will probably get a little comment from my dear brother about how dangerous and “stupid” this is but I still do it. If I’m driving and see a turtle trying to make it across the road, I will put on my hazards, pull the car to the shoulder, get out, pick up the poor, slow turtle and put him (or her) safely in the grass on the shoulder. Yes, it probably is a bit silly and probably is a bit dangerous but I’m always very careful when I do it. I think that we should all try to help the beautiful creatures of this world and I do so whenever I can.

(I also stop the car and make an “X” and spit whenever a black cat crosses my path but that is another tidbit for another time.) 🙂

That’s all! Any questions?

To keep the ball rolling, I will tag Friend, Melissa, and Lisa.

What three things would we be surprised to learn about you, ladies??

Stay tuned for updates about Jenn’s Virtual Slumber Party, happening THIS WEEKEND! I can’t wait. More in a bit… !


10 thoughts on “I’VE BEEN TAGGED!

  1. I didn’t quit coffee altogether. I cut to half and half. I don’t want to quit it altogether; just drink more responsibly. 😉

    You help the turtles too!!?!? I’m so happy to know that. We are good people, dear brother. 🙂

  2. the turtle things was adorable….really wonderful.

    Though I will admit I screamed out loud about the dead toe…we’re such a pair, bad toe and bad eye…

    like we’re leaders of a girl gang.

    oh, I posted slumber party photos on my blog.

  3. Hey Jenn,

    I really do think I might print some turtle tees. Wouldn’t that be adorable? ‘Save the Turtles’ with a stop sign nearby in the pic? Ha! I’d wear it.

    Yes, my toe is a sight, to be sure. Actually, VERY FEW people have ever seen it. My family have all seen it and my bf has seen it. Other than that, I don’t think anyone has. Oh, Friend (a.k.a. MaryHeather who comments here) has also seen it.

    A “girl gang”… that’s funny. What should we call ourselves?


  4. I’m so happy that turtles have some friends out there on the road! 🙂
    Hmmm…I’ve seen “I brake for turtles” bumper stickers…if it were on a T-shirt, I’d definitely wear it!

    EEK! I’ve been tagged!

  5. Now the whole feet insecurity thing has come out… I get it!

    I used to help turtles too… then my Grandma got bit by one and it scared me from doing it anymore. Living in the city, I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a turtle in the road. I do follow strange dogs around though!

  6. Yes! The foot insecurity! Now you can see why I’m a bit leary about showing them around. 🙂

    Do normal turtles bite or just snapping turtles? I’m not sure. I have wondered about one biting me before but it hasn’t happened. Knock on wood. 🙂

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