When the student is ready …

… the Teacher will appear.

I’m not sure why I’ve not been ready for yoga for so long up until now. I tried everything, even the clever NaYoPracMo challenge set forth by Kristi at the start of January. When I didn’t do so well with that, I thought I had just bombed, that yoga might not be for me, that I would never get back to it.

But, something in me shifted.

I was ready.

And the teacher appeared.

What brought this shift? I’m not sure but I don’t question it. I just soak it up, revel in it and say thanks that it did come about for whatever reason.

I recently started my practice back. I began practicing in the mornings – at 7:30 – with Namaste Yoga on FitTV. The program is a good one and, at only thirty minutes each practice, it isn’t terribly long but very good all the same. It has all the trimmings of a great yoga class: serenity, calming music, challenging poses, warm-up, relaxation and, even though it is very short, savasana. There is no one thing that I like more than anything else about this program. It is all really wonderful. However, I find that the beautiful scenery of the show really adds a lot to it. Admittedly, when I’m doing asana, I’m not always able to look at the scenery but when I can, and when I have, I’ve been terribly impressed. Breathtaking.

Since starting my practice back more whole-heartedly, I’ve been delighted to see what other things have occurred, what else has fallen into place right in step behind it, what nudges from the Universe I’ve gotten.

I’ve always had trouble with wide-leg seated forward bend. Despite all the flexibility I could want in my hips, I do not have the same in my hamstrings. I find it hard to even sit with my legs straight out in front of me, let alone at a wide stance with my torso folded over. Yet, I try. I desire to do this particular asana more than any other, I think, even though it is one of the more elementary postures.

As an Etsy addict, I recently discovered Leah, a talented glass artist, and her little tribe of Yoga Ladies. She has so many cute ones and I had my eye on Pigeon first and then Cobra. I was pining for one of them, wanting one badly but also knowing that I really didn’t have the extra money to spend at $10 each (although, they are WELL WORTH that if you do have a bit extra!) About a week into my pining, she listed a Wide-Leg Seated Forward Bend Yoga Lady. My desire became acute. This was just what I needed for inspiration to one day conquer this pose! Still not having the extra money, I contacted Leah and offered a trade, which – oh-so-happily! – she accepted!

Is this a reward for getting back to my practice? I’m not sure but I’m happy-happy-happy whatever it is. I got an adorable little Yoga Lady and a creative new friend.

Here she is (the Yoga Lady, that is):


Must I be “rewarded” for doing my yoga? No, indeed not. The practice is all the reward that I need. But, I will never complain over a nod of approval from the Universe.

It is nice to know that the Teacher has appeared.



10 thoughts on “When the student is ready …

  1. Hello. Oh, yes it is a treasure from the yoga realm. I must get into it too…..Hmm….Inspiration through you would be good…. 🙂 Although, this post really almost kicked me into gear.. I guess that is a harsh term for a peaceful activity???

  2. I’m so glad your practice has shifted. Sometimes we’re just not ready until we’re ready, y’know?

    I love those glass ladies! I just bought one as a gift for my teacher! Thanks for mentioning them!

  3. Vanessa – Yoga is amazing. Have you done it before? I will be happy to help you in anyway that I can. Just let me know what kind of “kick” you need. 😉

    Yogamum – Aren’t those yoga glass ladies CUTE!?? I love them. They do make such cute gifts for the yoga people in our lives – teachers, friends, fellow classmembers. I hope to get more of them someday. I’d like a whole little yoga lady tribe. Ha! 🙂

  4. Oh, I’m definitely going to buy some of those, too!! I’ve been looking for affordable yoga figurines for my office — most are very expensive. These are perfect!!!

    Also, I couldn’t find Namaste TV near me, but I did notice they have a DVD of the first season. It appeals to me because they are short — and practicing every day means that I need some short practices to make up for the hard core long ones my studio does….

    I might order that too!! If you keep suggesting great purchases, you will not be my husband’s best friend!!!!! 🙂

    Glad you got your practice going again!!!! Lisa….

  5. Hi Lisa! I’m so glad you love the Yoga Ladies! I love them too. So cute and great for motivation and inspiration in practice, I think. Leah is great to deal with too; I think you will like getting to meet her. 🙂

    I’ve not seen the Namaste Yoga DVD but if it is based on the show – and I’m sure it is – it would be really good. I love the show and have pared down my yoga DVD collection since starting it. I prefer to practice with the show over the DVDs. It is varied most days, which is good… better than the same old, same old in a DVD.

    I love the reviews you do on your blog! I might start doing some of those too, to let others know what I think of the books, DVDs, movies, music, etc. I get into. Great idea!

    Great to hear from you too! Namaste. 🙂

  6. haha, I was “reading” this post and … er … may have read somewhat indiscriminately, and er… skipped a paragraph or two. I thought you were going to say that the red glass yoga person was your new teacher. Ha! No really pictures just call to me, so I went to the picture as soon as I knew it was there, which was before I gathered it wasn’t the teacher.

    Hey it makes sense to me.

  7. Well, in a way, the little yoga lady will be teaching me that particular posture. I mean, if the glass girl can do it, I should be able to do it too, right?

    Hey it makes sense to me.


  8. You wrote “When the student is ready, … the Teacher will appear.”

    What you wrote is very true…….

    Lord Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita,

    There are thousands of gurus out there and they are in search for the right chela [disciple]…

    Krishna added unluckily out of millions one worships me and out of millions out there one realizes me.

    When we mature in spirituality, whether we are a Hindu or a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or an atheist, a guru will appear to guide us.

    That has happened in the lives many people all over the globe.

    People should give more importance to SPIRITUALITY and less importance to RELIGIONS. Religions are just aids and not the end.

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