Feb.22.2007 – Never enough INSPIRATION!

Do or do not. There is no try.

~ Yoda



8 thoughts on “Feb.22.2007 – Never enough INSPIRATION!

  1. Those are such pretty, lovely, beautiful pictures! I LOVE them all (except the tornado-looking one to be honest). I want to take pictures like that!!! Thank you so much for posting that link! That dude is talented! (I wonder what kind of camera he uses? Does he tweek them with software or does he use special lenses? It’s just too beautiful!)

  2. I don’t know him. He isn’t one of my friends on Etsy, just a guy whose work I really admire. I’m not sure what kind of camera he uses but I’m sure he enhances them for clarity and color. I love so many of his. I would love to have a couple but need to hold off on that. They really are so beautiful though!

  3. Thank you for this list! I am currently in the process of trying to go as green as I can. I cannot wait until our farmer’s market appears again. I cann wait to ride my bike to get wonder, locally grown produce. Yum…

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