Get in the GAME!

Stop questioning if you’re in the game and start deciding how you want to play it.

This was in an email that I got recently and it really caused me to think. Am I truly in the game? I don’t equate being “in the game” with having loads of money or a super-nice car, etc. etc. I equate it with following my passion, really doing something that I love to do and doing it well. I equate being “in the game” with being content and fulfilled, or at least always moving toward that.

But, I often find that I have no idea what that passion is. Yes, I love vintage clothes. Yes, I love yoga. Yes, I love to write. Yes, I love to shop. Yes, I’m passionate about animals. Yes, I am very interested in the world of alternative healing. I have many interests but am perplexed on how to hone them down to really focus in on what will fulfill me, what will lead me to have a passionate life, what will get me IN THE GAME.

To that end, I’m calling for input from my wonderful readers here, since it does often help to have an outside perspective on things. In my head, I’m muddled about where I want to go, what I want to pursue but I know that many of you – my friends and readers – see me in a certain way, in a certain light and have very clear pictures of what you see me doing, the person you see me as.

This may seem like a silly and vain exercise but I think it will be very helpful, or I hope it will be. So, please fill me in on ME. Tell me how you see me, what you see me as being good at and what you always envision me doing with my life. Perhaps I’ve been moving toward something all along and just didn’t realize it. Perhaps you all can help me see what that is.

Thanks to everyone of you, for helping me out here and for reading my blog!


14 thoughts on “Get in the GAME!

  1. You are incredibly creative and motivated…from the time I first became aware of you, I was moved by your simple act of posting daily inspiration. It seems you have a tremendous need to put yourself out there.

    I could see you as another Mary Quant. If you can try and pick up her book “Quant by Quant”, by all means do it! You’ll see what I mean. She started out by being graced with a storefront (it was supposed to be part of her husband’s dinner club) and decided to start a clothing shop…eventually, because she had such a hard time finding the cute clothes she craved, she started making her own.

    The best way to sum it up is: I could see you running a storefront for vintage clothes…and bringing your own creative vision in, until it became something completely your own. A couple things to look at (again): and and

  2. Here is how I see you:

    I know you have fun on etsy & ebay selling things. I know you love writing and yoga as well. It is clear you are creative and have fun doing creative things. When I really see you sparkle, though, is when you are doing things for/with others, participating on forums (like ebay, myspace, or yahoo groups), organizing swaps, when you are packaging up items to sell or give to others, and when you are simply helping others. This makes me think you should be doing something on the service end of creativity. Like Warrior Two said, a storefront where you are selecting the vintage items or etsy designers to sell, or a gift box/basket services, writing reviews and giving feedback, something where you get to interact with your customer or client. You have a great knack for selecting stylish items and putting things together in a chic way, and finding & appreciating other people’s creativity.

  3. Hey stranger! You definately drew me in with this post. I love the quote that sparked all of this thought! I have to agree, I think you have the makings of a very cool, very eclectic storefront. Don’t be afraid to combine all the things you love. The more variety in a store’s offerings, the more people that will venture in! I am one of those people that completely lacks a creative side so I would be thrilled with a store that helped me cultivate a differnet side of myself. Unfortunately I don’t know a thing about starting a business but I know our community colleges have classes to help people develop business plans and meet investors. At some point, you need to decide you are ready to take the leap of faith, put yourself out there and just go for it. And then let me know when the grand opening is and I will be on the first plane down!

  4. Warrior Two – I will definitely look into Mary Quant. I’ve not heard of her before. THANK YOU for the lead!

    Jody – Yes, I am very happy when I’m organizing things for others, sending out packages, etc. I’ve never really thought of myself as someone who likes to be of service but I do like to share creativity and happiness (especially happiness in the mail) with other people.

    Lori – I’M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU COMMENT HERE! It means the world to me. I’ve missed you SO much! How are you? I think a little store would be cool but I have no idea WHERE I would do that. Much of it depends, I guess, on where Jay and I finally settle. I feel like I need to wait for that but, again, I feel like I don’t need to wait for that. I’m just not sure. It is so neat to see what YOU think I should be doing and what direction I should go since you have probably known me the longest. I MISS YOU!!!!

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  6. Ooh–I need to think about this! I have to say though that I really like the idea of a store! You could not only sell things you create, but showcase the things that you have found and want to share. You’d get to package items for shipment, or wrap them for gifts! This would also feed your “I love shopping” hobby. Imagine how fun it’d be to “shop” for your store! You could also write up a newsletter for the store (or keep a blog), which would utilize your writing talents! 🙂
    I’ll think more about this….

  7. I can see you being the head of a charity organization, or at least helping out in that way.

    I know there is an organization that works on getting clothes for homeless women, as well as getting “work clothes” for women on welfare etc.

    I can honestly see you doing something like that, taking your love for fashion and clothes and helping people through that.

    I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the organization, but I am sure women’s shelters in your area would know what I am talking about.


  8. Projectmetta – I do LOVE this idea of yours and it does seem to combine many of the things I love. Let me know what you come up with upon further pondering. You might be onto something!

    Stiletto – Is the organization called Dress for Success??

  9. I like all of these ideas. I could also see you as a personal shopper.

    I also think you are fantastic at promoting yourself and others. You could gather some work from creative people on an online shop like etsy or your own website and sell it for them. This may include people who may not have the time to promote or handle all the online selling affairs and/or only create a few things a month. If you got enough different artists you could have a pretty complete shop (clothing, home items, accessories, etc.) I know I wouldn’t mind giving my work to someone else to sell if I decide to stay working full time. I hate the photographing, listing, and promoting parts and I am not very good at them. I loathe packaging and shipping as well. Sometimes I think I would just rather create and pass myself off to someone else to sell (with careful selection on who that would be of course). I guess so do a lot of people feel the same way or we wouldn’t have all these shops!

  10. It’s curious to me that there is an assumption here that you are not currently “in the game.” You are. Now I think, based on what you are saying, that it’s not the game you want to be in, at least in your wildest dreams. So the clear answer to getting you “in the game” is to get you out of the game you’re in! Maybe you aren’t happy with your days as they are now, or they are not fulfilling in some way. Well, change them. Obviously the way to change them is NOT to always do the same thing. To always wake up when you want, spend time looking for quotes to put on a blog, spend time writing blog posts, sell things on eBay. … Change those things! Don’t keep doing what you are doing now. It’s not fulfilling (to paraphrase you).

    This is not me taking a shot at you, although any time I offer an opinion it’s treated one of two ways. 1) instant dismissal or 2) you get mad. And I’m sure most of your dear readers will disagree with me. That’s fine, they can have their opinion. While they have interesting opinions, they are ultimately incorporeal. No offense to them, but I don’t know them and they don’t know me, or you for that matter.

    I find it interesting that you’re willing to turn to people you don’t know before you turn to your family and physical friends for answers. Or is it this; that the answers given to you by physical friends and family aren’t acceptable? Since they aren’t acceptable, you turn to people who will give you an answer you want?

    So on to my (re)suggestion. Shake free of this game. The internet. Get yourself into YOUR LIFE, the actual real and true physical aspect of it. Do work. Doesn’t mean split logs for a fire or anything…, but I do mean physical. Sewing is physical. Do it on a schedule. Eight to five is one (or 7 to 3:30 like me). If you won’t go to a job, do work at your house, and do it like you really have the responsibility of getting it done.

    I definitely want what’s best for you. Unfortunately I don’t know what that is. I don’t want you to be and hope you aren’t mad, but if it takes you being mad for you to see my opinion as serious, … well I’m willing to take that chance.

  11. J – I’m not mad.

    At least you are still reading my blog after the Global Warming fiasco; I had hoped that you would continue to read, even if you did get annoyed.

    To be clear, your opinions are almost always hard for me to take because of the way in which they are offered. I have no doubt in this world that you care – none whatsoever – and, in your own way, I also believe that you DO want what is best for me. However, your mode of expressing those things is sometimes very hard to read, sometimes a bit harsh, sometimes a bit belittling, sometimes a combination of all of those things, and always confusing.

    I don’t want to dismiss you or your opinions as, believe it or not, they are among the most valued in the world to me. I just wish they were offered in a way more suited to the recipient – ME.

    Or, perhaps and most likely, your opinions are hard for me to take because they are sheer and utter truth, which, in MOST cases (not all), I believe them to be. Even so, they should still be offered in a way that wouldn’t absolutely crush me, as they so often do.

    Yes, I do need to break free of the rut that I’m in. You are spot-on about that. However, to be clear, I like my little blog here and I know many of my readers as physical friends. I also like selling on eBay and it has proven to be fairly profitable since I’ve been doing it.

    My goal is to keep some of the things I do now but to get more into other things, other things that I fancy would also fulfill me.

    And, I do thank you for your opinion and I am certainly NOT mad nor do I intend to “instantly dismiss” it. (I’ll wait awhile this time. 😉 I’M KIDDING!!!) I just sometimes wish that you would talk to me about things and understand that I’m not like you and don’t do things like you. Sometimes simply changing what one is doing isn’t as easy for one as it might be for another. I guess THAT is what I wish you could understand with me.

    I feel that if I can’t do things and accomplish things as easily and effortlessly as you do, then I disappoint you. And that is simply something I don’t want to do.

    I’m glad you are still reading my blog. 🙂

  12. Not much time to write….but I have been thinking along the line of Jody’s idea….you’d be a great personal shopper. As I’m fantasizing during my drives to Memphis about what I’d do with all my money if I ever won the lottery (which Brian likes to point out will NEVER happen since I don’t even buy lottery tickets!) you are the person that pops into my head when I think about getting a personal shopper!!

  13. Ahhh… shopping with someone else’s money… Yes, I WOULD love that! 🙂 I’ll shop for you or with you anytime! That would be FUN! And you might win a huge sum someday. Windfalls of money don’t always come from lottos! Who knows…. 🙂

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