Too cool for school

Last week sometime, I filled out a form here to get a free, customized t-shirt from Starbucks. I played around with the interactive design thing on the site and finally came up with this design, although the actual one was much larger:


According to the promotion, I was to get a t-shirt with that design – Venti Single Soy Latte – on it sent to me for free, no shipping cost or anything. Totally free.

I filled out my address and everything but never really put that much into it. We all know how these things turn out a lot of times. They don’t!

Imagine my surprise today when the shirt actually arrived to my doorstep via UPS. It actually came – for FREE! And it is adorable! It is the design that I created on an off-white crewneck t-shirt that is 100% organic cotton and environmentally friendly, as stated on the tag. What’s more is that the shirt also came with a coupon for a FREE drink of my choice from Starbucks, good until March 31. So, I kind of got PAID to design and order this shirt.



Want one? Click here.

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7 thoughts on “Too cool for school

  1. man I was so disappointed when I found out that this ended the day you posted it, and by the time it was posted all the shirts for the day were gone. I loathe Starbucks, but a free shirt is a free shirt. Suckers. Haha…

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