{{{ Happy March! }}}

It is amazing to me that we are already into the third month of this “new” year. Cliche, yes, but – wow! – how time flies.

On this first day of this new month, I have been quite a simpleton. I have done yoga, done laundry, cleaned some, had a walk, made some food, finished one book, begun another and dealt with an awful pain in my big toe. Yes, my big toe. I have no idea what caused this or what the malady might be but, it is there all the same, and a nuisance, to be honest. But, this too shall pass, of course.

The book that I just finished is The Other Boleyn Girl; the one that I’ve just begun is Ishmael. These two books could not be more different. I know little about the one I’ve just started but much about the one I’ve just finished. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It is historical fiction, a genre that I had not realized before that I had such an attraction to. But, as it seems, I do. This book is entrancing, very easy to read and – like any good book – leaves you wanting more at the end. However, with the queen sans her head, there isn’t much more that could be elaborated upon. The book, however, isn’t directly about Anne Boleyn. It is about her sister, Mary but, more or less, tells the story of Anne through her sister’s narration. The story of Mary is a very good and, most of the time, an honorable one. Well, she ends up honorable anyway. Anne Boleyn was and is a fascinating character. It seems ironic and sadly odd to me that she has such a fan-base now – literally a HUGE fan-base – all these many, MANY years later when, in truth, all she was doing – really all she did to create such a following – was living her life, and, in the end, trying to keep it.

At any rate, read the book. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

But, back to March.

March is a great month. March sees the onset of Spring and hopefully keeps the Ides at bay. March is also the birth month of some special people. March will bring us Saint Patrick’s Day and green beer, Pet Sitter’s Week, Procrastination Week, and Chocolate Week (sadly, however, Chocolate Week does not coincide with Peanut Butter Lover’s Day which is … TODAY!) As any other month, it brings more weird daily celebrations than you can even imagine, more than should even be embarked upon here.

There are a slew of month-long recognitions in March, including, but not limited to Foot Health Month, Frozen Food Month, Irish-American Heritage Month, Noodle Month, Red Cross Month and Women’s History Month.

But, my favorite for March is National Craft Month. As a crafter and bonafide Etsy lover, this is a perfect time to mention some of the wonderful things and talented artists on “your place to buy and sell all things handmade.” Admittedly, I buy more on Etsy than I sell so I should know many of the treasures available there. Here are some of my favorites for Spring:

    Mayan Gold from Gudonya (Smells so heady and exotic!)

    Nest helper from KraftyMomma (What could be better for Spring?)

    Olive Bliss Lip Balm from DressGreen (The hint of rosemary makes this just irresistible!)

    Mineral Foundation Powder from Lushbox

    Vanilla Spice Chai Vegan Body Frosting from Lushbox

    Olive Oil Soap Bar from BathandBodyBoutique (So simple but amazingly effective – smells great too!)

Remember to BUY HANDMADE!

Happy Etsy-ing …



23 thoughts on “{{{ Happy March! }}}

  1. I love The Other Boleyn Girl! Really gave some prospective on the way manipulation works. Phillipa Gregory apparently has alot of books based in the same time period, but I haven’t read any of them yet. I recommend The Shipping News by Annie Proulx or Cane River by Lalita Tademy, if you haven’t already read them.

  2. I worry that all of Philippa Gregory’s books would be very similar. I don’t want to read another 600 pages of much the same thing! Are The Shipping News and Cane River also historical novels?

  3. I heart lushbox!!!!!!!!!

    also, March is my 3 year (technical) anniversary with my bubs..there was “gray area” before that.

    it is also the mean cheese’s birthday.

    I really want to read The Other Boleyn Girl

  4. I’m so glad you loved The Other Boleyn Girl! I wouldn’t rush out to get Phillippa’s other books as they are not up to par. The new one that was just released and continues with the Boleyn saga may be, I have yet to read it.

    I can’t wait for the movie, ScarJo and Natalie P. How lovely!!

  5. Hey Stiletto – Curious… what is your favorite Lushbox Body Frosting flavor? I’m still trying to try them all (or several of them) and decide.

    Happy anniversary to you and your bubs! And, of course, happy birthday to The Mean Cheese!

    I can send you my copy of The Other Boleyn Girl if you want to read it. It is just sitting on my shelf waiting for someone else to enjoy it. Let me know! xo… 🙂

  6. CountryGirl – I was afraid that Gregory’s other books might not be up to par. That is how it usually is, I find. Either that or all of one author’s books are alike, i.e. John Grisham. No, I think I will just move on to another writer to enjoy.

    I can’t wait for the movie of TOBG too but I’m not altogether pleased with the cast, namely Natalie for Anne and Scarlett for Mary. I don’t see them fitting those roles at all. We’ll see.

  7. The beginning of the end? You say this to a girl who has already crossed that great divide, a girl who is decidedly OUT of her twenties and firmly INTO her thirties? P-shaw. You will be fine, as elegant as EVER! 🙂

  8. Thank you for the links!!! Some I adore in there!!! Others I had not been too!!! Also, been thnking about reading The Boelyn book.. Hmmm, perhaps I will…..

  9. I spoke too soon about being a bonafide “Etsy lover”. I’m a bonafide lover of those products that I listed and some of those sellers (nod to Jenn!) However, Etsy cut out vintage today which relieves me of my need to be there, for selling purposes anyway. C’est la vie!

    Do read The Other Boleyn Girl. Very good! I think you would LOVE it! 🙂

  10. I can’t believe that March is here already.

    Are you still doing your WWHI project? What’s on the agenda for March on that front?

    Etsy cut out Vintage today? I knew there were some people who didn’t agree with Vintage being sold there, but them cutting it was kind of sudden, wasn’t it?

  11. Hey Kristen –

    Not sure what I’ll do for March. I’ve not thought about it at all. This blog has turned into more of a chronicle of my days and thoughts and a place for me just to WRITE, which I like a lot. So… not sure. Suggestions? 🙂

    Yep, Etsy cut the vintage. I had been getting increasingly disenchanted with it even though my sales have been increasing. Some of the people there are just more than I like to deal with and the community is a bit much at times. The anonymity of eBay definitely has its merits! Ah well… it isn’t that big of a deal anyway. 🙂

  12. KB – Sorry to hear they cut out vintage but you still have had other successful ideas on there and maybe in the future you will have more handmade items to sell, or reconstructed vintage? I love visiting Recy on Etsy, I ‘d hate to see you leave 😦 Do you know if reconstructed vintage is OK? I haven’t had time to visit the forums or where-ever the new rules are since I have been working so late and traveling. They should really email those things to all sellers, I had no idea until I saw your post…

  13. Thanks, Jody. I am leaning more toward the idea of getting off Etsy altogether. It was good while I was there but, overall, this is a big sign. This will be fine though! I see good things coming from this.

  14. I’m sorry that Etsy cut out vintage, too. I love your positive attitude, though; good things will come from this! 🙂 I must say that I still love your idea of repurposed handicrafts, and also what Jody wrote about reconstructed vintage wear. You do have a knack for making/creating pretty things (or finding pretty things like vintage items, too!).
    Btw, The Other Boleyn Girl is definitely on my “to check out from the library” list now!
    Cool post as usual!!! 🙂
    Happy March!!!

  15. Thanks dear! The Other Boleyn Girl is VERY good but, as seems to be the case with most books I read lately, I was a bit disappointed with the end. There was a pretty significant inaccuracy at the end, one that I was a bit thrown off by. I guess that is why it is historical FICTION! Still, really worth a read!

  16. Hi there, Just for fun I decided to do a search for my Etsy shop name on the internet and I found this! Thanks so much for mentioning my little nest helpers – I really appreciate it and I’m glad that you like them.

    I am so grateful to my daughter for encouraging me to set up shop at Etsy. I’ve never been happier. I’ve made so many great friends there and I have a blast shopping too.

    I think it’s too bad the way they decided and announced that they wanted to eliminate vintage on Etsy. We will miss all of our vintage friends.

    Thanks again for plugging my nest helpers here! I’ve bookmarked you so that I can come back again.

    *Hugs* from kraftymomma

  17. Hi Kraftymomma! It is so lovely to see you here! I love your store too and am very glad that your daughter encouraged you to open up on Etsy. I actually bought the nest helper for myself but now I think I will give it to my sister for her birthday. I think she will LOVE it! Thank you! It is so wonderful!

    Ah… vintage being kicked off of Etsy isn’t the end of the world. I’m sure that it will all pull together somehow! Thanks for your kind words, though. 🙂

  18. So I was out there browsing on the internet and trying to find instances of my internet self (time2cre8), and up popped this blog. I had no idea I had been mentioned in here, but thank you!

    Etsy’s such a cool place, and it’s giving me a great way to feed my crafting addiction. Unfortunately, my husband is now having to climb over piles of supplies every time he moves anywhere in the house.

    But thanks for the mention! I’m glad you liked the stickers, too. I’m always happy when someone appreciates my little bits of art.


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