Surprise, surprise!

My toe still hurts. It aches like it has a little tiny sprain in it or something. My favorite house-shoes are three sizes too big (literally) and I have to crook my toes at a funny angle to keep them on my feet when I walk. But … I love them so! But … I also have a sneaky feeling that this is what has caused my acute toe ache. Ah, what to do, what to do? Keep the toe ache or the house-shoes? I’ll take weigh-ins on this, although I’m pretty sure what I’ll get. They really ARE cute house-shoes though!

At any rate, my weekend was splendid. I got the distinct pleasure of seeing my little brother and all of his new gadgets. It was delightfully fun, as it always is when he is here. I also did my taxes this weekend. This is cause for celebration, folks. You see, I loathe taxes. It just involves TOO many numbers, and, even more than taxes, I loathe numbers. I normally put it off until 11:55 p.m. on April 14 but not this year. Wow! I impress myself. I was on top of things and got it done. It helps that my return is very simple and straight-forward. I just pop over to the IRS site and FreeFile through there. This only occurred after I had called my little brother several times to “just make sure” that I was doing it correctly. Nod to him for his patience and kind help to me, as usual. Anyway, I e-filed and will get a direct deposit and … ain’t technology grande?

In some ways… in other ways, not so much. Jay and I had a bad way of technology this weekend. We were chatting online and his service dropped out. Then I tried to call him and the static was so bad that I couldn’t hear him and finally had to hang up (felt bad about that). Then this morning, he called, we talked for a bit and – all of a sudden – some Japanese guy came on the line, sputtering Japanese-speak that sound like a rapid gunfire and then started saying ‘Ahllo? Ahllo?’ when he heard me. Get it together, technology people! If you can connect no other two continents, please please please connect America and Australia! Argh!

But, in the bit of time that we did get to talk, Jay told me that I would be getting a surprise from him VERY soon, possibly tomorrow. So, I’m very excited! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I can’t wait! Of course, true to his form, he would give NO clues – except to say that it was NOT a koala bear baby – so I have no idea what this fabled surprise might be. We will have to wait and see… I know it will be delightful! I LOVE surprises!

In other news, of course, many of you know that the vintage category was axed over at Etsy. Many of you have also sent your condolences my way and I appreciate that. But, it’s really all good. I had been pondering for awhile about taking my business back to eBay for several reasons. Now, my decision is made for me. I don’t necessarily like my decisions to be made for me, especially not in the way in which it was made, but, you know, the Universe works in mysterious ways.

I won’t go into all of the repercussions that I think this will have for Etsy. Lord knows that has been beaten to DEATH on the forums … yikes … yawn. There are people there who are showing colors that I didn’t even know existed. There are people who are honestly acting like it is the end of the WORLD but… is it?

When a door closes a window opens.

I have no idea what my window will be but I know it will appear. This will be a good thing, perhaps it will streamline my focus a bit and, let’s face it, I did make more money on vintage at eBay. When I first came to Etsy, I was all smitten with the community there, the camaraderie, the cushy feeling of friendship. To be clear, I’ve made some great friends there, friends who read my blog, friends who do absolutely AMAZING work, friends who I’ve mentioned in other posts here, friends that I hope to keep for a VERY long time. My disenchantment with Etsy has nothing whatsoever to do with them and, in all actuality, was probably staved off for as long as it was by them. They are swell. However, there are many more who are just tiresome, troublesome, burdensome. The place where I once went for a creative escape is now the place that makes my blood boil all too often. The anonymity of eBay looks really nice.

Perhaps I got too caught up in the forums but I did it in an effort to bring people to my shop, in an effort to gain exposure. But, I now see that the forums do little but detract from a good, very creative site. There are stores there that I would not buy from simply because of what those people have posted in the forums. Sad? Very. Etsy, however else it has been slanted, is a commercial site, it is a business, but the forums detract greatly from that.

But, I digress. (A lot.)

Right now I am trying to decide whether to stay on Etsy with handmade items, or, my first love, photography. My photographs have not sold well at all so I’m not terribly hopeful and, to be honest, not terribly confident in the whole entity of Etsy at this point. I don’t know that they really know what they are doing (the admins, I mean). That is fine, everyone has a start point, but I’m not sure I want to be there for them to figure things out, waiting for them to axe something else that might affect me. And I’m REALLY not sure that I want to stick around and see more of the colors I’ve seen lately. No one needs some of the negativity I’ve seen in their life.

But, I will decide and will make the right decision. I’ve been blessed by Etsy in several ways and nothing changes that.

However, this gives pause for me to more closely assess what I’d really like to do. I’ve weighed what many of you said in my last post and am still pondering. I think one of my truest passions lies in mail. I love sending mail and I love packaging mail and I love getting mail. I think that non-junk, non-bill mail just makes people happy, especially if it is nicely packaged and holds a bit of a surprise inside. I guess I’d like to get into some sort of a mail business – however small – where people would hire me out to send packages to people, whether anonymously or not. I just think that would be fun although I’m not altogether sure how I would or could do that.

But, I’m still thinking.

Anyway, night, night readers. I’m going to read some before bed and then hopefully, I can sleep nicely and will wake up that much closer to my surprise from Jay. Wahoo! Yes, I’m easily excited.



18 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise!

  1. you know how I feel about you, about etsy, about you and etsy.

    I would love to do a collaboration with you sometime, with your photos, and I just had an idea!!!!!

    Cards (like greeting not aceo)

    we could take 4 of your photos, I could do my thing over them, and we could make them into card sets.

    this would combine mail, which we both love, photos, and collage.

    You could sell them on etsy.

    (please understand that I have had very little caffeine so far this morning, so if this makes no sense…well, that’s why)


  2. Hey dear one… Get thyself some caffeine! πŸ™‚

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the card set idea and would proudly send you any of my prints to do your thing on.

    Of course, a collaboration with YOU would just be fab. Yes, let’s plan on that.

    Yipppeeee!! πŸ™‚

  3. I like the card idea that stilettoheights mentioned…very good idea!

    I can see The Secret working through you in this post, KB. You are really getting a lot of great thoughts together.

    BTW – What kind of camera do you have?

    Also – does Jay read your blog? He needs to comment sometime πŸ™‚

  4. Ah, Kristen… that WOULD be grand if he were to travel over and be my surprise. I couldn’t imagine anything better!

    No, I don’t think Jay reads my blog. He works A LOT and doesn’t have much time to read my rambles. I ramble to him on email and that takes up a good portion of his evenings, I think. Tee hee… πŸ™‚

    Camera? My digital camera is a Nikon Coolpix 2100. It is an older one but still really good, it has served me well. It takes great pictures and is teeny tiny. I love it! I hope it lasts for years to come!

  5. Surprises!!! Yay!!! You are going to be impatiently waiting for the mail for days now in anticipation πŸ™‚

    Sometimes its nice when life makes a decision for you, I do love the card idea, though! All I can say about Etsy is that you introduced it to me (thank you) and when you did, you described it as their logo says, “a place to buy and sell all things handmade.” All great companies (and people) need a mission statement and they need to live by it. Etsy has confused me (and many people) without clear statements and guidelines about what their purpose really is.

    Anyway, eBay needs another (sweeter) Vintage Mama…that is you!

  6. Jody:

    I know that many people are happy to see the vintage category go. To each their own. I think it is important to note, however, that just because something is handmade does not make it worth having. I’ve seen a lot of “handmade” items on Etsy that, if the admins were very selective and wanted to be so exclusive, they would rule out first and foremost.

    It is a slippery slope. If I sew up a ripped seam on a vintage piece, that is about as much work as it is to string beads onto a wire and tie the ends. However, one is considered handmade and the other isn’t. If they are going to set forth definitions and mission statements, they are going to create a lot of havoc.

    But, I’m glad to see it now so that I can move on. I would rather get out than be dragged down a long road of them figuring out what backs up their slogan and what doesn’t.

    I could never compete with MamaStone. She is a bitch but very good at what she does. Besides, I STILL haven’t been able to find a model!

  7. I totally agree dear. There is a lot of badly or barely handmade things on etsy. They could def use some people who jury. You should model your Vintage! I think you look fabulous in all your pics πŸ™‚

  8. I have thought about modeling some of it but some of it is too small! Some of it is so tiny that I would have to have a size zero model to even come CLOSE to wearing it. Alas, size zero I am NOT! Ha! πŸ™‚

  9. I forgot to add that I hope your toe feels better soon! Hopefully you’ll find some cute but better-fitting house-shoes to replace the present cute ones! (Mine look like ballerina slippers; at least that’s what I think they look like!)

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