Haiku – Mar.10.2007

A change of season
Although not what Spring should bring
No sunshine for me.

7 thoughts on “Haiku – Mar.10.2007

  1. This one I REALLY like. It seems to embody all the things traditional haiku embodies. Reverence for nature, a reflective tone, and it leaves you pondering. Are you having a spot of snow? Do you mind if I copy this one down (with credit to you of course) to remember it?

  2. ooh, i love that this has an internal rhyme. playing with form, using traditional forms but then mixing them up a bit, can yield such interesting results—like this lovely poem!

  3. I have enjoyed your Haiku writings. I imagine it is much harder than it looks to convey an image or expression with just a few lines/syllables. Beautiful!

  4. Thanks, Jody! I don’t always get the traditional feel of haiku in mine but I do what I can. Sometimes I don’t pay attention to the theme and just go for the meter count. I love writing it all the same. 🙂

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