Life all around me…

Sweet world, fresh from rain
The trees as green as emeralds
LIFE all around me!


Today I went out for a walk and took photos of all the SPRING newness around me. The world is amazing…








These next pictures are some of my favorites from the day. They were taken with my head tilted as far back as possible – I almost have whiplash! – while sitting on the swing. They are at funny angles because that is how they appeared to me.





The homestead


My walking companions


19 thoughts on “Life all around me…

  1. Hi there – I just stopped by for a quick look to see what you’ve been blogging about today and I have to say I LOVED seeing these pics! They are all great shots and I like it that I can see your local area. It looks very pretty! Spring is about to explode into action in your neck of the woods. : )

  2. KP – I’ll take some more pics when things are FULLY in bloom – closer to Easter. It will be so beautiful!

    Lali says HI to you and the GIRLS too! 🙂

  3. I’ll pass the miaows along. : )

    Definitely take some more shots around Easter! I’d love to see them. One day I’ll take some shots of my area for you …. they’ll be winter shots.

  4. I love the calmness in your pictures and in your whole blog!Brings inspiration thank you so much Also many thanks for the great fibes you sent me,I welcome them with open arms and send them back to you!
    xoxo Desirée

  5. Your driveway looks like mine! (Gravel with grass growing where the tires don’t tread.) Nice pics! We must have been on the same wavelength because I was out taking pictures yesterday, too! 🙂
    My kitties wouldn’t let me get very far, though, so I ended up taking a few pics of them instead! 🙂
    Lovely post!

  6. Great photos, sis. I took photos yesterday, too. The buttercups are in full bloom and oh so beautiful. With 75 degree weather, it’s just hard to be inside.

  7. HOORAY! Everyone… meet my sister, Laura! Hooray that she stopped by! 🙂

    Laura, I can’t see a buttercup without thinking about you. Ever. Seriously.

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