Haiku – Mar.19.2007

Sunlight warming me
Face turned like a sunflower
Today, full of hope.


8 thoughts on “Haiku – Mar.19.2007

  1. You are getting better and better with this, so gorgeous! MAybe you will have your own original haiku-marks someday?

    I agree w/ you on the Tudors, it will be completely fictionalized and full of drama and historically inaccurate. Jonathan doesn’t even look like King Henry but….it’s Showtime so there is a good chance we may get to see his nekkid bum, so it’s all worth watching.

  2. Haiku-marks! That is a neat idea. 🙂

    No, Jonathan doesn’t look like Henry supposedly looked at all. Henry was a large and fairly rotund fellow and JRM definitely isn’t that! I get a bit annoyed at how Henry is glamorized in films. Sigh….

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