Mar.20.2007 – More…



6 thoughts on “Mar.20.2007 – More…

  1. Don’t you just love her???I find her books very hard to read.I have tried, but somehow got stuck in them along the way.But this is beautiful!
    Thanks for taking that part out so I could enjoy it!xoxo

  2. Maya Angelou’s quote is so true- sometimes we get so mad at people over something and over time we forget what the arguement was about, but we sure remember how angry we still feel about it! That’s a shame, too, because it interferes so much with our growing. But the opposite is true, too… that’s why even a small compliment like, “Your hair looks nice today” can mean so much to someone! They may not remember what it was exactly you said, but they remember how good it made them feel at the time.
    So, thanks, dear Karen- your wonderful quotes always make me feel good!

  3. Desiree – I find her books somewhat tedious to read too but I love her quotes. She has some great ones!

    Regina – Paying little compliments is SO important. Those are the exact things that people remember so many years later.

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