Mar.22.2007 – Stay CONNECTED!

If we are not connected to other people, to nature, to our own creative self, to our community, to our work, and to our family and friends, our heart grows cold, our thoughts turn bleak, and our mood darkens.

Generations–Grow connected through shared human history.

Value–Grow connected by valuing connection.

Heart–Grow connected through love.

Universal–Grow connected to the universe metaphysically.

Willing–Grow connected by choosing connection.

Self–Grow connected through self-relationship.

Friendship–Grow connected through friendship.

Community–Grow connected by embracing community.

Labor–Grow connected at work.

Family–Grow connected with family.

Closer–Grow connected through intimacy.

Memory–Grow connected by remembering.

Hearth–Grow connected in your own home.

Place–Grow connected to a place you love.

Earth–Grow connected to the earth.

Festive–Grow connected by celebrating.

Create–Grow connected with your muse.

Happy–Grow connected through joyfulness.

Body–Grow connected to your body.

Children–Grow connected where children play.

Repair–Grow connected by making repairs.

Seamless–Grow connected through right thinking.

Neighborly–Grow connected with your neighbors.

Passion–Grow connected through your passion.

Network–Grow connected by networking.

Plan–Grow connected by having a plan.

Leisure–Grow connected in your free time.

Teamwork–Grow connected through teamwork.

Sharing–Grow connected by sharing your life.

Today–Grow connected today.


4 thoughts on “Mar.22.2007 – Stay CONNECTED!

  1. Kristen – I didn’t write this myself. This was sent to me by someone or found somewhere else. I could write a compilation book of inspiration but most of the inspiration that I post here isn’t original. Le sigh…

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