Oops… I did it again…

I’ve gone and gotten domestic again. What has gotten into me? First fudge and now cookies? And, to be perfectly honest, I have ever intention in the world of making the again this week but with peanut butter chips instead of chocolate. Mmmmmm…

I feel compelled to make it clear that I’ve not consumed all of these baked goodies myself. I gave half of the fudge to friends and my Father has already eaten half of the cookies. However, I cannot be held responsible for what I might do in the presence of peanut butter fudge. I’m just afraid that I will not be able to be strong against that force. We shall see.

The cookies that I made tonight are from a recipe that my friend Kate at TeaNoir sent to me. They are called Hermit Cookies and are super-de-duper easy. Like the fudge, if I can handle it, anyone can! And they are super-de-duper yummy too… very spicey. If you love spicey things like I do, you will love these. And you can have them whipped up and ready to eat in thirty minutes flat. How much more could we domestic goddesses ask for??

Just an aside here… TeaNoir‘s delicious and delightful Blackout Masala Chai tea goes WONDERFULLY with these cookies. What a treat!


Hermit Cookies

6 Tbs. oil
1 c. brown sugar
1 1/2 c. flour
1 egg
2 tsp. baking powder
3 Tbs. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. salt
1 Tbs. nutmeg
1 tsp. ginger
1 Tbs. ground cloves
pie spice for good measure (optional)

Mix well. Drop by teaspoon full onto a lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for 12-15 min.


14 thoughts on “Oops… I did it again…

  1. O aWWWWW I am getting fat just thinking about those!!!I lost alot of weight lately and I only bake applepies for hubby and daughters to enjpy.Perhaps I should give these a try!!!Thank you for posting that!xoxo

  2. Okay- Mr. Sparkle comes home tomorrow night- I can have the fudge and the cookies waiting for him when he walks in the door! Oh, he’ll be so grateful!
    I bow down to you, Karen Beth, Goddess of all Domestic Goddesses!

  3. How odd, I just had a spicy cookie for the first time yesterday at a tea shop. I loved it!!! I will have to test this recipe out.

    I had a feeling that you might have liked Lucinda Williams. I picture you when she sings all about those southern towns and places. She gives such great images in her songwriting, it makes me want to move south!


  4. Spice cookies are my favorite… well, after PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES! Mmmmm…. I love anything peanut butter-y!

    You would like Oxford, I think. It is full of great up-and-coming musicians and newbies like Lucinda.

  5. I just finished baking these for darling hubby… they are fabulous- and one other perk from making them besides eating them- they make the house smell fabulous!
    Oh, and I made some more fudge last night- mixture this time of choco and peanut butter chips… yummy, natch… but I will say that the p-nut butter chips did not melt as well as the choco did… still good though when you get a nice bite of the peanut butter…

  6. Regina – I just made another batch of the fudge but this time with all peanut butter chips. Oh my goodness… SO YUMMY! Of course, I’m a bit biased as I love ANYTHING peanut butter but it works SO GREAT with this recipe. YUMMY!!!

  7. Yummm…

    I try not to bake stuff as then I eat it all… My kids like to bake, though.

    I love the quote, though as a past high school teacher/coach and now mom, I would change it to read “…as we grow older, we tend to tuck that authenticity away, putting it aside while we chase OTHERS dreams, afraid that it might hinder us in our success…” and add that we are also afraid that if we retain that authenticity somehow we will no longer belong–

    Only took me 30 years to go back to the authenticity I had when I was nine!

    I posted more ACEOs on my Etsy–also, know that if you see anything of mine that you like, just let me know–I’m working hard at being unattached enough to sell anything I make…

  8. Jody – That isn’t my hand. That is actually a stock photo that I found. 🙂 My cookies, sadly, weren’t pretty enough to use a pic of. They were pretty homely looking!

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