Tag… I’m it!

While reading this morning’s daily blogroll, I discovered that Jenn over at StilettoHeights tagged me in her blog! She had been previously tagged and had to reveal ten random or little known things about herself and then, in turn, she had to tag ten others.

I was one of her chosen. And now I have to do the same.

So, without further ado, let me conjure up ten things to enlighten you with about moi.

Thinking… thinking… thinking…

    1. I have a really bad habit of collecting things and NEVER using them. Shoes that I don’t wear. Purses that I don’t carry. Journals that I don’t write in. Books that I don’t read. Cards that I don’t send, etc.

    2. I actually love to do laundry. However, I hate to fold and put it all away and, even more than that, I hate to iron. In fact, I haven’t ironed an article of clothing in at least three years. Seriously.

    3. I was born prematurely and three things on me didn’t form properly: my lungs have decreased capacity, my ears didn’t roll (yes, they are still flat) and my toes are like fetus toes…

    4. To add insult to injury, the middle toe on my right foot was severely cut by a tractor blade when I was 16. Although the end of it was sewn back on, it has been dead since and is an odd purplish-black color. And people wonder why I don’t wear open-toe shoes!?!?

    5. I LOVE to send mail to people and do so VERY often, whenever possible. I also love getting mail. Mail-time is the best time of day, right after coffee-time. Mail is FUN!

    6. I collect Eiffel Towers. I’m somewhat of a Francophile. I would love to visit lavender fields and drink wine in Provence. The only place I’ve been to in France is Paris. It was amazing; such an amazing world there. I think French people are cool. I can read a bit of French but I can’t speak it. I don’t think it would sound all that great laced with my deep Southern accent (y’all).

    7. I love, love, LOVE sub-titled movies, especially foreign ones. However, even when watching an American film – by myself or when the other person doesn’t mind – I will turn the sub-titles on. I HEART sub-titles!

    8. My little brother escorted me into my high school prom, even though he had a date of his own. It was the SWEETEST thing EVER.

    9. I was the editor of my high school yearbook, The Aggie. I was in Advanced English Composition in high school and was on the county-wide school newspaper staff. I won several writing competitions – poetry and composition – throughout high school. I have a degree in English from Ole Miss and am a stickler for grammar. Writing is pretty much the only thing I can half do. I can’t do math to save my life.

    10. My favorite season is fall. Nothing else compares. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Nothing else compares.

So, not terribly interesting but those are my ten. Now… taking out my magic “tag” wand and touching the blogs of:

Project Metta
Mary Heather
The Dreamy Giraffe
the la-la theory.
Daisy in La-La-Land
Crafty Fox
Nomadic Creations

I hope that you can all participate! It is such a fun way to get to know more about others here in Blog-land.



11 thoughts on “Tag… I’m it!

  1. I love this list, we have # 1, part of #6, #7, and #10 in common.

    You and my friend Aaron from Funkycarter.com have so much in common, I wish right now that you both were not far away from me so we could all go to a foreign film and talk about how cool French things are

  2. Yay for subtitles! I love reading them, too! Except sometimes, I have to rewind because it goes too fast! 🙂 Some of the films I’ve been watching have major typos, though (like apostrophes misplaced, the word “loose” instead of “lose,” words jumbled together, etc.)! Who’s in charge of making subtitles, anyway? Wouldn’t it be cool to be like a subtitle editor?! 🙂 (Like after the dialogue has been translated–I WISH I had fluency in something other than English!)
    Oh dear, you’ve tagged me! 10 things?! Yikes!

  3. Your brother is too sweet. Wow!

    I’ve known you for this long and didn’t know you collected Eiffle Towers. I knew you love Paris, but didn’t know about your collection!

  4. Kristen – Yes, my brother is sweet. I should blog out the whole story sometime. It is a gem. Also, I designed my own prom outfit and my Mother made it for me. It was hideous but still… 🙂

    And yes, I do collect Eiffel Towers. I have a TON of them! 150+ statutes.

  5. I was a preemie too!

    I’m going to email you our address because I want in on the snail mail. I hope to build up my courage for a swap. How exactly do they work?

    Amelie is one of my favorite movies and I watch it when I can’t go to sleep.
    We started watching tv and movies with subtitles when Ivy was born so we could watch while she slept. Now, we can’t watch without them.

    I’m going to be keeping an eye out for Eifel Towers now!

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