I think, therefore I am…

What an honor it has been this morning to be nominated by the wonderful and dear Regina Clare Jane of YogaSpark / Spark In You as one of her Five Favorite Thinking Blogs. This comes after her blog was nominated for The Thinking Blog Award. I can definitely see why her blog was nominated and I am a bit remiss that I can’t nominate her in my turn now! Being nominated by her is very special and such an honor! THANK YOU, Regina Clare Jane!

So, now it is my turn. Choosing just five is difficult but here I go.

1. Project Metta – This blog is the brain-child of a dear friend and is chock-full in each post of so many wonderful, thoughtful, inspirational and earth-friendly tips. She posts action alerts, random act of kindness ideas and Bollywood film reviews (her hobby).

2. Looking For Me In All The Unlikely Places – My friend Sarah is a force to be reckoned with: She actually LIKES to mow the yard! In addition to this, she works fervently each day to be the person she wants to be and she isn’t afraid to share every step of her journey – trials and triumphs alike.

3. A Fanciful Twist through the Secret Keyhole – Vanessa… Another force to be reckoned with. In my mind, Vanessa is a modern version of Colette, Gertrude Stein and Diana Vreeland rolled into one creative package. She is spunky, inspirational, cheerful, kind, fun, colorful, sophisticated, smart and just plain interesting.

4. YogaGlamGirl – Simply read her last blog entry and you will know why I’ve nominated her. She takes life by the horns and she lives it. Go girl.

5. Nomadic Creations – This is another friend who truly lives her life. She has had some wonderful life adventures and she sprinkles these tales and her life experience – of time spent in Singapore and Alaska – through her blog entries. She is also a very talented jewelry artist.

The torch is supposed to be passed to all of you to nominate five in turn but since I posted a tag post yesterday, I will leave it up to you to nominate or not. If you wish to, that is great. If not, I hope you will consider it an honor all the same that I’ve chosen yours as a Thinking Blog.


11 thoughts on “I think, therefore I am…

  1. I will have to check out all these blogs, except Vanessa’s who I am intimately familiar with, and already adore.

    Congrats on the nomination, and THANK YOU for the goodies in the mail, the mean cheese is going to love that cat picture.

  2. Congrats!!! : ) You do deserve it!!!
    WOW! Thank YOU, for your sweet and way too generous words about my blog! Word to everyone reading this: Y’all know by now Zazazu is really nice and sweet, and generous, too. That said, I think she has been WAY complimentary about my blog! I feel like a pebble amongst polished gems!
    Thanks again, Zazazu, for your kind words! : )

  3. Congratulations on your award! Thank you very much also for the nomination. I have really enjoyed watching your blog evolve over the last month I have been a regular reader. There is so much to learn and digest out here in bloggerland, that I am often frustrated that I don’t put more time into everyone’s blogs…I am often at my bench, wrapping wire and then I get an idea out of the blue and have to write it down. Now we can do that publicly! Too cool! Thanks again…and continue with your great posts!

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