Mr. Mailman … Bring me a Dream …

I’ve been writing this post in my head for about two weeks now and decided that I better get to posting it before it gets way long and I have more stuff to write about than I have time or space. Actually, that couldn’t really happen since it’s my blog, right? But, I don’t want to lose any of you so I try to keep it succinct… at least somewhat.

Firstly, let me share my hope that each of you had a delightful Easter weekend. I had a very nice one. My dear one Delali was in her true element, camped out in a cushy chair by a roaring fire, napping all day long. She is such a cushion-and-cream girl, as you can see.


In other cat news around here, Cuddles, another of our lovelies, is recovering nicely from her snake bite last week. You can hardly even notice it on her little head – thank goodness! She is such a sweet girl!


Cuddles and Delali, it has seemed, would never make friends but a stride was made in that direction today I think, and it was caught on film.


And, making my Easter weekend just wonderful was my brother being here. All of the pictures featured in today’s blog are courtesy of him and his dandy new camera. Well, all of the pictures, of course, but THIS shot of brother and camera.

*Picture featured with permission from little brother. Please do not reproduce or reprint without express written permission from said.*


So, it was a delightful weekend with lots of family time and lots of great food. I hope that each of you had much the same or whatever it is that brings you equal delightfulness.

I’ve been wanting to share with you lovelies some of the lovelies that I’ve gotten in my mailbox – my favorite receptacle in the world – and at thrift lately. Hooray for both!

Ah, but where to begin? Where to begin? So many WONDERFUL and LOVELY things to share! I’ll just dive right in, dear ones.

The past two weeks have been full of Etsy wonder. Hooray!

Most recently, I’ve gotten a nice big batch of goodies from the lovely Lushbox. I could literally gush over her goodies until I’m blue in the face – specifically the Birthday Cake Body Frosting. Deeeeee-lightful! She is a fast shipper, her prices are great, her sizes are HUGE (even her samplers), she fills her containers to the brim (no scrimping!), and she packs each package full of bonus samples and goodies. What more could you want? I {{{HEART}}} Lushbox!!!


Also featured in the photo above is a delightful Eucalyptus Mint Heel Stick from weeLUXURIES. These little sticks are so simple but work SO well! I’ve used it only for about a week yet my feet are already so much softer. I love it and love that it is natural and handmade. Mmmm… Again, what more could you want?

I’ve also added to my growing StilettoHeights collection this week and I couldn’t be happier. Hooray! Her work is so unique and so fab, as you can see for yourself.


I’m very lucky in that in addition to greatly admiring Jenn as an artist, I also count her as a good friend. The one in the top left corner is one that she did as a commission, specifically for little old me. I love it and I LOVE StilettoHeights!

And the mailbox pièce de résistance … drumroll …

This lovely handmade Moth Love Journal from the lovely, kind and talented ButtonKitty.





This journal is even more beautiful in person than it is in these photos and SO very beautifully made. It is a true inspiration just to look at; I can’t wait, actually, to start filling it and allowing it to inspire me.

And Heather from ButtonKitty couldn’t be nicer. She is so easy to work with, is kind, thoughtful and cooperative and the packaging was like a birthday present, all wrapped up in a sophisticated black bow! Again, thanks so much Heather!

Another journal came from Katie from thelalatheory. Katie and I are engaging in a fun journal round robin / swap and this is our first round. I sent one to her with a few pages filled in and she sent one to me with a few pages filled in. Now, I will fill in a few pages of her journal and she will do likewise and we will swap them back again. See? Fun stuff… and cute too!


Ahhhh… isn’t mail fun? But, it doesn’t stop there!

I’ve also recently gotten two lovely fashion magazines from Australia. A dear friend there sent me an Australian Marie Claire


and an Australian Cosmopolitan


Fashion magazines make me happy. I know that many of you share these sentiments. Yay!

Snail mail is grande. You can probably all see why I look forward to it each and every day!

Of course, as you all know, I also look forward to my thrift store visits, any time I get to visit them. The past few times I’ve been have been very good hauls indeed. I’ll go Pagoda-style here and give you the rundown.

… some great books, including pristine copies of East of Eden by John Steinbeck, The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (glad to have found it after enthusiastic recommendations from friends) and Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow by Karen Casey.


… some FAB light baby pink pointed toe stilettos by BCBGirls in very nice condition and – WOW! – my size too!


… some super-sassy and very-versatile black booties also – WOW! – in my size!


And finally, I need to request a bit of help from you clever ones, specifically perhaps, Pagoda, since she seems to know a lot about thrift-y and antique things.

I found this adorable little vintage retro-looking plastic stackable serving set – looks like it might be a rice serving set as it is an Oriental girl with a tassel on her little pagoda hat. So cute!

Here it is before it is all stacked up:


Here it is all assembled and ready-to-serve:


The bottom says “Worldy” and all the pieces appear to be intact. I’ve done a bit of research but am turning up very little info on this. Anyone know? If so, I would love to hear about it! It is such an adorable piece and I’m sure it has a neat story. Thanks!

Finally, since this post is picture heavy anyway, I thought I would post a picture of a yoga class that took place here at my place earlier today:


These little yoga ladies are by Leah Pellegrini on Etsy. I have three so far and they are just so cute! I call them my little yoga tribe. They practice ALL the time! They put me to shame! Ha!

This may be the longest post in the history of my blog. Thanks for sticking with me – if you have – for the duration of this rambly delightfulness! Thanks also to my little brother who took such FAB pictures and helped me to style and set everything up so nicely. And thanks to all of you who send me fun and fabulous and generous things all the time. You all ROCK!

… And thanks to the Academy…

(Sorry, just had to say it… )

P.S. For a really cool and thought-provoking article, read Pearls Before Breakfast, run in today’s Washington Post.


26 thoughts on “Mr. Mailman … Bring me a Dream …

  1. Talk about timely…I was at the video store today, and stopped by the video “The Red Violin”. I have seen it before…but I picked it up and just held it and looked at for about 30 seconds…I guess the Universe is trying to tell me something…I better listen. Thanks so much for the link to that article about Joshua Bell. Wow!

  2. ok, I love Lushbox too!!!!

    I can;t say enough about the body frosting, I love it so much I ate some of it once (you’re not really supposed to but it is yummy and it won’t make you sick).

    LOVE Fashion Magazines, Love Books, Love the journal (OMG, I sceamed it is wonderful)

    Love you for posting my work here…you have quite a little army of goodies don’t you?


  3. Foxhollow – After reading that article, I’m very interested to see “The Red Violin” now and think I will put it on my queue. I’m also very interested to see Josh Bell in concert after the description of him AND his music!

    Desiree – I did have a great Easter! I hope you did too. xo… 🙂

    Stiletto – You ate some once? Well, the birthday cake is SO good that I can see it happening, seriously. What is your favorite flavor? Yes, I do have quite an army of your goodies but, as you know, some of them are for gifts. Although, I wouldn’t MIND keeping them all! Ha!

    CountryGirl – Fab-o Goodies! Don’t we love those? The journal is amazing. I wish you could see it in person. I have a certain, odd affection for any book that has little pockets on the inside; odd, I know. This one does and I love love love it!

  4. Wow- so much fun! I love when I get things by snail mail… especially books! I have been finding some great ones at the local used bookstore I go to…
    I loved all the pics and the kitties are so nice!
    Glad you had a wonderful Easter- ours, on the other hand….

  5. I’m an obsessively nosy person, I want to know everything about everyone. I loved that you fed my nosiness obsession! I got to see your pretty kitties, recent purchases, and even your brother. Loves it! I have to say, I just bought a stack of stuff from the Etsy store called Gudonya, and I shall have to compare notes with your Lushbox purchases when it all arrives.

    And your swapping journals idea is fantastic! I have so many far away friends, it’s a great way to feel close. Thanks for all the cute ideas and sharing so much of yourself 🙂

  6. Sarah – I love Gudonya too but not nearly as much as Lushbox. But, it is kind of a different type of thing too. You must must must try Lushbox at some point. Mmmmmmm….

  7. Yes readers, please let me amend this blog to say that I did also have a lovely blonde visitor yesterday, on Easter Sunday, as well as the beforementioned brother. The visitor was actually an indirect visitor of mine, via the brother, as she was his companion, and is most of the time.

    So, allow me to extend my sincere apologies for this crude oversight, surely a sign of some mental defect because how could one ever forget such loveliness?

  8. Wow, so many goodies at once!! I haven’t gotten anything from Lushbox yet because I’ve promised myself I’d use up all of the bodywash/lotion/scrubs that I have before I buy more. I feel it may take forever for me to use all of it up, though, so I’m not sure how long my patience will last. There’s so much I want to try from her!!

  9. You doll!!!! I am so flattered you showed it “Pagoda style”That little 3 piece rice kit is DELICIOUS!!!,,,and the boots ,and the Marie Antoinette shoes!!!I love it all…and those kitties,I want to kiss their head!

  10. OH!!
    You got the book – “Travelers Wife” what was recommended to me as a good read. Was it good? Is it so good , everyone should read it?

  11. Wow. That moth love journal is gorgeous. All of your finds and gifts are causing me jealousy.

    I hope that you have started The Time Traveler’s Wife. I’m rereading it this month. It is one of my faves.

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