Live a good day …


Live a good day.

If you look closely at the beautiful piece of artwork above (Linda Woods, 2007), you will see that written up the left side it says “Live a good day.”

Beautiful. The art and the words.

I was looking over my blog today and realized that it had been too long since I had updated the ‘Namaste’ category here. This is not because I have not been doing yoga. It is simply because I usually ramble on about things that fit more aptly into the ‘Happiness’ or ‘Life & Love’ sections. But, I love this category, there is a definite reason that I left it here when I was Spring Cleaning some time ago and I want to ramble here some too.

As I was wondering what to ramble on that would pertain to yoga this evening, my eyes landed on this amazing little piece of art that sits next to my computer.

Live a good day.

We each have our own way of living a good day and we each have our own way of starting those days. My days – especially the good ones – begin with my yoga practice.

I’ve been practicing yoga for about ten years but not consistently for that entire time. However, for about the past two months, I’ve been doing yoga each morning – save only just a few mornings – and it is amazing the difference it makes in everything. There is no question about yoga’s part in my living a good day.

Aside from its physical impact while I’m on the mat – seeing what my body can do, what it can’t do, what I need to work on, linking my movements with my breath, recognizing the beauty in controlled movement and supple muscles – this consistency in my practice has also had an impact on me off the mat. It is helping me to make baby steps toward being kinder and gentler with myself, not always beating myself up about things. It gives me something to really be proud of. I feel so svelte and lithe with a consistent practice, even if I don’t look it. It gives me routine, discipline and consistency, all things that are very important things for me right now. It gives me a feeling – a sense of calm – that I can’t even put into words.

Yoga is one of the main things that helps me to live a good day, each day. And isn’t that all we ever really hope for? Because, after all, a good life is merely a series of good days.


18 thoughts on “Live a good day …

  1. Karen!
    i just sent you an email asking if you do practice yoga. came here and saw this post.
    its lovely and has given me just enough to start my day well.
    thank you. 🙂
    going to check out your to do list now. i have a huge one. its my lifelist: all the things i want to do in my life! its on my list blog, LISTOMANIC

  2. So, I bought a yoga tape for beginners a while back. I have this perception that yoga is “easy” and a beginning tape would be a breeze.

    (do you already see the ending to this story?)

    It kicked my butt. I haven’t tried it since.

    I envy you your flexibility and peacefulness! 🙂

  3. Hi Ideagirl! Great to see your comment on this post.

    Yoga just takes time and practice but, even after just a few practices, you will notice a difference. I would urge you to do the tape three times a week for a month and then see how you feel. I’ll wager that you have a good bit of flexibility and peacefulness yourself!


  4. I couldn’t agree more, KB- as you know! My Anusara worshop is coming up on Friday and I am so excited for all the new things I am going to learn, not only about yoga but about myself!
    Cheers to you and would that we all could “live good days”…

  5. I think a little yoga could actually do me really good, don’t you? After being so sick. I have been juicing and now a bit of yoga… I am craving it! Thank you for your amazing posts! xxo,Vanessa

  6. I like yoga too…but once, I went to a class, and someone had eaten a few too many gas producing legumes…after that episode, I have been afraid to go again. Those moves can really work out your stomach. I have to it in the privacy of my own home.

  7. A little late I know, but I can’t pass by without commenting on this. Your post is inspiring! You’ve summed up what yoga means to me, and pushed me to take my practice forward. Thank you so much!

  8. I just started up a regular practice a couple of weeks ago, after taking a ..hiatus? detour? whatever…for about a year after the studio I went to closed. It was so unique, this studio…truly a blending of the spiritual as well as physical aspects of yoga…unlike what the “gyms” were offering at the time.

    I’m esctatic (sp?? LOL) to have recentkyt found several classes taught by true yoginis through – yes, a couple of locations of my local gym! 🙂 The whole thing has been amazing (including the financial provision to do this).

    I’ve already noticed a huge shifting in my life…for the better…for making yoga a regular practice once again. This is a LOVELY post which really speaks to the nature of yoga…The twinning!

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