A voyage to the interior…

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.” ~ Christina Baldwin

This month I had a lot of fun doing a journal swap over at Create-a-Connection. I only recently found the blog and, even though they do a swap each month, this was my first time to participate. It was fun and I can’t wait to do another one soon.

The swap was simple. We were each given someone to send a journal to and, in exchange, would receive a journal from someone. This was not a secret swap so along the way we got to email and get to know the people with whom we were swapping. It was fun!

I received from Anita. Knowing that my favorite color is red, she sent me a beautiful Readables journal in the perfect shade of deep red. It has an elasticized band to hold everything in and the most sumptuous, smooth and easy-to-write on lined-pages. As you can see, it really is the perfect vessel for any voyage I decide to take to my interior. Thanks, Anita, and thanks Create-a-Connection, for hosting such a fun activity!


I sent to Melba who is a sweetheart and who has a very cool blog. Check it out! Also, journal receipt show-and-tell will be posted here, in case anyone is curious.

It was fun! I think I speak for everyone over at Create-a-Connection in saying, join in next time!


12 thoughts on “A voyage to the interior…

  1. ahh yes i participated in the swap too and loved it. i have a travelling journal leaving nepal in a while. the call to participate in that project is on my blog brushstrokes.
    create a connection is probably th best place to find bloggers, artists, thinkers.

  2. Kristen – The plans for the new journal are a SECRET! I do have something in mind though and plan to blog it out before too long at all. Stay tuned…. 🙂

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