Apr.26.2007 – Kindness.

Read to a child. Make a wish come true. Rake someone’s yard. Smile at a stranger. Be a courteous driver. Help Special Olympics. Sing a song. Pick up litter. Train Seeing Eye dogs. Tutor immigrants. Be a pen pal. Hold the elevator door. Change a tire.


Adopt-a-Highway. Organize a neighborhood watch. Teach peer mediation. Tell a joke. Sub for Santa. Start a community garden. Buy donuts for neighboring office. Be a Crisis-Line volunteer. Send a thank you note. Give clothes at a shelter. Tend abused children. Wash a car. Visit a lemonade stand. Plant a tree. Recycle. Visit a sick neighbor. Give a tip.


7 thoughts on “Apr.26.2007 – Kindness.

  1. Wow I needed that,it sure feels good to do something for someone else!
    I always find it hard to receive something from someone else.My husband told me I should let someone else have that same wonderful feeling of giving something to me without me feeling I should do something in return.That was an eyeopener to me.I always try to do good to someone else but am now better at receiving aswell.I share this with other people and most tell me they too have no problem with giving but more with the receiving part.Sharing is a great thing.,thanks Zazazu for sharing every post with us.I am a happy receiver xoxo D

  2. karen!!
    sneaking in from ym hiatus to visit and say hi. 🙂
    i love this post, karen.
    cheated a little today. logged into my blog and posted photos of what i’ve been up to. lol.
    last time this week, promised. lol.
    but this break has been good. its allowed my a lot of exploring and self time. 🙂

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