May.5.2007 – FLY…!

You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life? ~ Rumi




12 thoughts on “May.5.2007 – FLY…!

  1. That picture is so beautiful Zazazu!!! I could look at it forever!I am always so impressed at how you find all these things, love love love this!xoxo

  2. Hullo Karen! Finally found a few minutes to sit and catch up on you all….love the pictures you’ve been posting 🙂 I especially love Rumi, he was the one who finally convinced my to read more poetry.

  3. OOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    you have a magnificent blog! Watch out, I get addicted! I already am!!!!!
    I love pictures, thoughts, your list about yourself – I found there many things that are so similar to me.

    And thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts. You are welcome to post more and (longer) comments 🙂

    Kind regards from Germany – rainy today…

  4. Gosh, that is neat ,I always enjoy Rumi..
    Beautiful blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. I’m gonna check back in with ya when I have more time to visit, like eve said ” I could get addicted” Cheers!

  5. Hello kindred soul!
    I read your kind comment on my blog and followed the link and found YOU!
    I was so inspired by the Anais Nin quote I created a pendant of a bud!
    Love ‘Fly’! Do you do custom work?
    Email me if you do.
    I’m keep’n an eye on you!

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