My Angel Mother…

All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother. ~Abraham Lincoln


I looked today for a poem or story or blurb that would adequately say how I feel about Mothers. But, nothing quite captured how I truly feel about them, all the many reasons that I’ve come to feel as I do about them. Nothing, no poem or quip, really set forth how I feel about the Mothers in this world and, most profoundly and especially, my own angel Mother, the one who makes me love and respect the very occupation of Motherhood that so many hold. And, I realize that words won’t put that forth. It is simply impossible. How can words sum up what this one woman has done for me, separate and apart from giving me life? How can words do justice to how she has shaped my world with her hands and her heart, how she has singularly instilled every ounce of goodness that I have in me? How can mere words say that everything I know about love and beauty and kindness and compassion and tenderness in this life is from her alone?

They cannot.

But, in my own feeble attempt, I can try.

There is not much in this world that I know for sure. Some people say that the only things that are certain are death and taxes. However, I, being blessed with the Mother that I have, would disagree.

This is what I know for sure, these are my certainties…

That I am loved and was wanted from the very beginning… My Mother and Father tried very hard to have me and I’ve been told all of my life that I was NOT an “accident”. My Mother has always said that she loved being pregnant and I believe her. She truly wanted me that much. Nothing beats the knowledge of that.

That no matter where I am, how old I get, how far I travel, what predicament I find myself in, my Mother will come to me and love me anyway.

That no one quite fills the place in my heart and soul that my Mother fills. It is an impossibility.

That talking to my Mother once about something is better than talking to a hundred different people a hundred times.

That my Mother truly does know best.

That, thanks to my Mother and Father, I had a flawless, truly wonderful and picturesque childhood.

That no one truly – HONESTLY – cares about me, my well-being, my health, my happiness as much as my Mother.

Friends come and go. Men come and go. Some family members even come and go. But, my Mother will always, no matter way, without fail, always be there for me.

That no one is to be trusted like my Mother.

That if I were stranded or lost or kidnapped, my Mother would find me quicker than an army of rescuers.

That my Mother prays for me every day and every night.

That if I mention a certain jelly that I like, my Mother will buy a jar the very next time she goes to the grocery.

That my Mother truly is the smartest, cleverest, most sensical person I know, even if I didn’t think so when I was sixteen.

That I’m never too old to have my Mother kiss a boo-boo and that she will never think so either.

That my Mother never – EVER – makes a decision without thinking about what her “babies” would think and how it would affect us.

That I may disappoint her sometimes but she will never – no matter what I do – NOT love me.

That, even as an adult, nothing calms me quite like hearing my Mother’s voice or feeling my Mother’s touch or seeing my Mother’s face.

That my Mother will always forgive me, without question, no matter what.

That my Mother will always listen to me. Really listen.

That, if it were necessary, my Mother would give up her own life if it were to save mine.

That I’ve broken my Mother’s heart and I probably will again but that it won’t change how she feels about me one bit, ever.

That my Mother will always check on me when I sleep.

That there is nothing like waking up and seeing my Mother in the kitchen and her holding her arms out for a good morning hug.

That my Mother would give me anything she has.

That no Wonder in the World compares to sitting in the porch swing with my Mother as she sings or as we talk.

That my Mother wants only the best for me and will do whatever she can – anything in her power – to get that for me.

That there truly are people in this world who are genuinely good, decent, selfless, kind, compassionate, loving, and kind. I know this because my Mother is one.

That if I need something done – whether it be disgusting or benign, of a plumbing or medical nature – my Mother will get it done, even if no one before her has been able to.

That my Mother will always make me a grilled cheese or a pitcher of tea whenever I ask her to.

That what any regular person can do okay, my Mother can do better.

That I will always be my Mother’s baby.

That love does not always have a starting or an ending point, that true love runs deeper than just the heart, that love isn’t always pretty but it is always kind, that the one true love of a lifetime isn’t always a romantic love, that even before my Mother was here on Earth and even when I’m no longer here on Earth she will love me – truly and without fail.

That everything in my life starts and ends with her, my angel Mother.

I wish for each of you the joy, wonder and contentment of having someone in your life like my Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!



25 thoughts on “My Angel Mother…

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your adorable mother… I can honestly say that I have an angel mother, too!
    Hope your day was special- I know with a child as loving as you, your mother’s day was special as well!

  2. You are a very articulate woman who deserves as much love as your mother provides! Your deep appreciation is so evident, I hope she had the wonderful opportunity to read this. Did you share this with her? With your creativity, I’m sure you wrote it by hand and gave it to her in a handmade card 🙂

  3. Dawn – Awwww… thank you so much for the kind words on my writing. I haven’t shown this to her yet but I will later. It is her Mother’s Day present. But, I will print it out as my handwriting isn’t that great, or I don’t think so! Ha! 🙂 I hope you’ve had a wonderful day! 🙂

  4. That was so beautiful Zazazu.I love how you capture one of the most important feelings(the ones we feel for our mother) into words.I wish I could have said it like that!I too feel so much love for my mom and get so much love from her and have been able to become a loving mom myself because of her,I feel so happy about that every single day.Moms are deffinately the most important persons in our lives.Thank you for sharing!
    hugs Dees

  5. What a wonderful mother you have. You truly are blessed because not everyone’s mother is this kind of woman, it takes a strong special woman to make a great mother, and not every woman can be this. Give her an extra hug and kiss!

  6. What a very touching tribute to your mother. Having lost my wonderful Mom, I can truly say I fought back the tears as I saw her again in your words. As I have said many times, if I grow up to be half the woman she was, I will consider myself a success!

  7. Countrygirl – Thank you dear! Did you have a nice birthday trip? I hope so!

    Delali gave me the sweetest card and a pink rose for Mother’s Day. Very sweet. She is a thoughtful girl. 🙂

  8. Debbie – Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!!!

    I’m so happy that you liked my post here and that it made you think of your own dear Mother. What a blessing it is to have a wonderful Mother! I say the same as you about my Mother… If I’m half the woman that she is, I will be a-okay!

    Have a beautiful day! 🙂

  9. Hi Sarah! Yes, I know that not everyone has a Mother like mine although sometimes that is hard for me to imagine. I am truly blessed. And yes, I will give her tons of extra hugs and kisses. I always do! 🙂

    Eva – If I could share her with everyone, this world would be a better place. She truly is an angel. Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

    Dees – Aren’t Mother’s wonderful? I can tell from everything you write and say that you yourself are an amazing – AMAZING – Mother. What a gift. Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

  10. To Laura – My dear and wonderful sister who is an amazing Mother herself… you know all of this about Mom to be true better than anyone here. I’m so glad that you read it and agree. What would we be without her? I love you so much! Happy Mother’s Day to you too! xoxoxo… 🙂

  11. That really was a beautiful post. YOu are such a good daughter and I am sure that is because you have such a good mom.
    Your mohter is probably so proud to have such a wonderful little girl..

  12. How blessed you are!!! I may have had ‘less than’ a mother but thank you for reminding me of all the blessed “Mothers” God gave me! who helped raise me!!! hope you had a happy weekend!

  13. KB, I so loved this tribute to your mom. I can relate to every sentiment you said about your mom. Every child deserves all the qualities you spoke of.
    Love to your mom. Oh how I would love to sit on the porch with you and you mom, sip some tea, eat a toasted cheese and talk away.

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