::: 4 things même :::

I have to agree with Cheeky from All Over the Map when she says that it has been a bit of a même-a-thon recently.   It has been that indeed.  But, in this one that Cheeky tagged me for, it is specific and therefore won’t be as hard or taxing to come up with answers for.  Honestly, I don’t know if I could have conjured up seven more little known facts about myself.  There just are not seven more little known facts about me.  Honestly!

But, I can answer clearly set forth questions and so I shall.

4 Things même

4 Jobs I’ve held:

  1. Bank Teller
  2. Hostess (with the “Mostest”) at an upscale restaurant
  3. Pediatric VisionTherapist
  4. Executive Assistant to the Mayor

4 Movies I can watch over & over:

  1. Pride and Prejudice – ONLY the A&E one!
  2. Amelie
  3. Jane Eyre
  4. Notting Hill

4 Places I’ve lived:

  1. Corinth, Mississippi
  2. Memphis, Tennesssee
  3. Booneville, Mississippi
  4. Oxford, Mississippi

4 Categories of television programming I enjoy:

  1. Crime shows (horrible, I know) – CSI is my favorite.
  2. DIY, except for cooking
  3. Medical shows- I LOVE House and Grey’s Anatomy.
  4. None others… there is no fourth.

4 Places I have been on holiday:

  1. Paris, France
  2. London, England
  3. Cancun, Mexico
  4. Seagrove Beach, Florida

4 of my favorite dishes:

  1. My sister’s stuffed baked tomatoes
  2. Baked brie
  3. Fresh salmon sushi rolls
  4. Peshwari nan

4 Websites I visit daily:

  1. Yahoo Mail
  2. Etsy
  3. All of the blogs that I read
  4. Google

4 Places I’d rather be right now:

  1. Laying face down on a massage table for the next hour and a half enjoying pure bliss. (Had to borrow this one, Cheeky!)
  2. Napping somewhere breezy in a hammock
  3. On the beach in Seagrove Beach, Florida with all my family nearby
  4. Spending the day with my nephew

As the game goes, I’m supposed to tag four of you now but, as I mentioned in the beginning, there has been a bit of a même-a-thon all over Blog-land it seems so I’m going to refrain from tagging anyone in particular.  If you want to do this même, feel free.  I’m sure that your readers would love to know these little tidbits about you.

Happy Monday to you all!


26 thoughts on “::: 4 things même :::

  1. we have too much in common my dear…House…Amelie…salmon sushi…baked brie…rather be getting a massage or in a hammock…i want to add sitting on the beach in a cabana where a nice gentleman comes and takes my order and brings me back a huge fresh salad with a lava flow beverage on the side…

  2. Amélie is one of all time faves. Funny I thought Pride and Prejudice too but then thought, oh which one? I’m a big Jane Austen fan. In fact, that whole era is delicious. I had a hard time coming up with the four I did choose.
    All of your food choices suit me as well. I’d really like to try the stuffed tomatoes, as I’m a huge tomato fan. Yummy!
    I love that you borrowed the massage. We need to treat ourselves.
    We have quite a few things in common.
    I’m glad you did it. Even if it went around last year, hah, I wasn’t blogging last year but I am now!

  3. CountryGirl – I was actually more like a little drill sargeant hostess. Ha! I quickly discovered that people wanting a table could be brutal so I had to adjust accordingly! 🙂

    Stiletto – Consider yourself tagged! 🙂

    Sandra Eileen – The person who tagged me this time sent a little email to let me know I had been tagged. The whole way over to see what sort of tag it was, I was thinking to myself, “Please not the seven things, please not the seven things!” Luckily, it wasn’t. If it had been, I think I would have had to graciously decline. There aren’t seven more things about me to tell. Ha! House is wonderful, isn’t it? It is all new tonight! Wahoo! 🙂

    Sarah – I still love to travel but am more of a homebody now more than I was when I was younger. I guess that just happens with age. HA! 🙂

  4. Vanessa – I guess that CSI isn’t the most savory show to be enthralled with but I do love it so. In another life, I think I could definitely be a CSI investigator. You know… when I was little, people would ask me and my best friend Meridith what we wanted to be when we grew up. Meridith would always say “doctor or teacher” and I would always say “FBI agent”. Ha! I have no idea why either. I’ve always been intrigued by finding bad guys and putting together evidence and piecing the puzzles of it all and tracking them down. And I’m fascinated with DNA and fingerprints and all of that fancy CSI lab equipment. So… I’m a CSI junkie. To be sure. Ha! Oh well… 🙂

    And, no worries about telling Mr. Lovee. Your secret is safe with me! xo!

  5. Cheeky – Aha! We DO have a lot in common! I linked to the Pride and Prejudice that I like the best – the one with Colin First (SWOON!) and Jennifer Ehle. LOVE THAT ONE! My brother bought it on DVD for me for Christmas one year so I watch it ALL the time.

    If you want me to get that tomato recipe from my sister, just let me know. She will be happy to share it, I’m sure. It was SOO good!

    And yes, we DEFINITELY need to treat ourselves to a massage. It has been WAY too long since I’ve had one! 🙂

    xo… 🙂

  6. I was a bank teller too! And I love Amelie…
    So we are all sisters, right? (grin)

    I answered the meme as well. Cuz it was fun! Thanks!


  7. you’ve had some interesting and varied jobs….I once worked for a “vision therapist”…patched children’s eyes…guided them through “exercises”…it was an “interesting” part-time job during college…and I once worked as pediatrician (as you might know)..and a waitress at Friendly’s (not easy getting the ice cream–I’m so short, I had to jump up and lean over the counter)..delivered pizza, too…taught gymnastics…

    I used to want to be a “spy”…like the James Bond type..or a P.I.
    wanted to figure out things and catch the bad guys, too!

    I have gotten hooked on Law and Order myself : )

    it is fun to read your answers!

  8. Omw… CSI is awesome!!!! Not horrible at all. Did you watch the episode last week? I was disappointed… I expected more from an episode with Lady Heather. Can’t wait til the Season Finale tonight!!!!

  9. Jana – Darnit! I missed the episode with Lady Heather last week! Argh! And I’m going to miss the season finale tonight. Argh!!!!! Do you know of anywhere or anytime that they will do a rerun? I NEED to see it! Okay… from one fellow CSI-lover to another… do you have a HUGE crush on Grissom or is that just me??? 🙂

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