Swap Alert! ~ Tea Towel Swap ~

As most of you know, I love doing swaps and sending and receiving mail. So, I thought I would start posting “Swap Alerts” here on my blog so that you can all know about them and participate in them too, if you like.

My friend Liz Elayne over at Be Present, Be Here has put together a neat swap for the summer. It is a tea towel swap!


Here are the instructions, as per Liz Elayne’s post

things to know to join in on the fun:

sign-up deadline: friday, may 25 (so tell all your friends!)

swap partner: you will be partnered randomly with someone else from the swap, and notification of your partner will be by thursday, june 1.

what you will swap: two tea towels to be sent by monday, june 25 (other goodies are up to you and not required).

to join the swap, send an email to littleroomswaps @ gmail dot com that includes:
your name
mailing address
email address
blog/website address (if you have one)
anything your swap partner should know (maybe your favorite color or how you aren’t a fan of roosters on your kitchen towels or…heck, whatever you want to tell them…I will pass it along)
if you are willing to ship internationally

let the fun begin!


8 thoughts on “Swap Alert! ~ Tea Towel Swap ~

  1. Oh how I love a swap as well. I received my parcel today in the post from my latest swap, which of course I will blog about soon.
    I’m tempted to do this because I love the connecting part but my plate is full and I had better not. I will take pleasure in hearing about yours though. I too, am going to put a shout out on my blog for an upcoming swap.

  2. Hello there Karen Beth,
    what a cute idea on the tea towels, unfortunately I’m not really a tea towel gal, but if I ever come across some, I’ll be looking your way.
    I tried emailing you back, but I’m new at this so it came back to me as undeliverable.
    I just wanted to let you know that I do not have an etsy, but when/if (more like when) I do, I’ll point to it from my blog.
    You have some rather fantastic pictures on your site!
    Oh and anyone interested in a gocco, go check out Judy at http://northwoodstudios.tripod.com/goccoprinters.html she’s super sweet, and rather great at the service.
    Cheers and happy swapping ladies.
    Christa Z.

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