lions, tigers & PANDAS, oh my!

Very exciting!  The Memphis Zoo, about 80 miles from me, is on Panda Watch!  Ya Ya, the female member of the zoo’s panda duo, is expected to give birth anyday now.  She was artificially inseminated 132 days ago and pandas typically give birth on the 133rd day, which would be tomorrow.


 (Ya Ya)

Of course, it isn’t certain that Ya Ya is pregnant.  Panda cubs are about the size off a stick of butter when they are born and, well, seeing how BIG a panda Mother is, well, it is a bit hard to tell.  But, the report is that Ya Ya hasn’t been eating a lot and has been sleeping a lot this week so speculation is that she might have a bun… er… a stick of butter in the proverbial oven.


This is all a pretty big deal, you see, as these pandas were a special gift, a 10-year loan really, from China.  They are in about their fourth year here, I think.  Bringing them here was quite the ordeal, quite a spectacle.  You can read all about it and see the photo gallery here:

National Geographic – Air Panda: Flying Cargo-Class With a Very Special Delivery


National Geographic – Panda Delivery Photo Gallery 

FedEx (hubbed in Memphis) customized a plane just for these pandas – Ya Ya and Le Le.  From what I’ve read, the plane was really quite neat and very swank, although I’ve not seen photos of the inside.  Apparently, these pandas traveled in high style!   They also arrived to much pomp, complete with parades, dragons, people in costume and much ado!


So, hooray to the possibility of there being another little… er… Giant Panda in this world!  I do hope that Ya Ya is pregnant and that all goes well for her.  If you want to keep up with it all, The Memphis Zoo has a PandaCam.   Might be something that your kids would like to see too!

Enjoy!  Aren’t they just the cutest?



25 thoughts on “lions, tigers & PANDAS, oh my!

  1. This is too cool. I’m going to have to share this with my one nephew who is a huge animal lover. How exciting is this? AND that baby pic is so cute. Have you read “The Lady and The Panda”? I listened to it and liked it. Very informative yet enjoyable too.

    I’m starting to go through your blog, starting my way here and there at the beginning. I hope that you can still get comments on old posts.

    Have a nice night.

  2. sooo cute!
    I enjoyed reading about this…thanks for sharing.
    I plan to share it with my daughter tomorrow…
    just the kind of story she’d be interested in…

    didn’t know they were the size of a stick of butter…hmm.

    I’ve heard that pandas can have sharp nails and that they can use them if they are bothered or perceive danger…
    the only stuffed animal that my husband ever gave me was a panda…
    that was a long time ago when we were newly smitten…I used to think of him as a puppy dog…awww; ) He said that I reminded him of a panda..hmmm

    When thinking of the Princess Bride…”Have fun storming the castle!” was the only quote I could come up with for sure– so I checked out the dialogue at…not as good as watching the movie, but made me giggle.

    I’m not good at remembering movie quotes..but I never had a problem remembering Patrick Swayze’s line…..”Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”

    Oh, and …
    I’m not sure I can look at a stick of butter the same way again; )

  3. Awwwww…….. so cute! I want a baby panda too!!!! LOL When I was little, I had a mommy and baby panda (stuffed, of course)… I named them Amanda Panda & Pandy. (Two of my three favorite stuffed animals… I think I still have them somewhere!) I’m a little wierded out at the fact that Pandy was probably about the size of a REAL baby panda… dang!! That’s really small!

  4. That is adorable! Pandas have got to be the cutest bears ever! I can’t wait to show my son the PandaCam.. he will love it!

    Thanks for sharing!!!


  5. That baby is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. Well, except maybe for my niece. But definitely absolutely the cutest animal.

  6. They are GORGEOUS! Aren’t they cute. I love stories like that and it’s always so exciting when it’s your zoo. Keep us updated!!!!

  7. Oh my goodness! they are such pretty creatures! I used to live in Washington D.C and remember when I was growing up visiting the pandas there. It is a big deal to have a mommy panda have a cub…do you call them that? not many survive.
    Thank you for sharing! wish my boys could see them first hand. Neato.

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