Playing Catch-Up (long & pictureless…)

Ah… where to begin… where to begin…

I’ve been out of the blog loop for more than a week now and I’m finding it VERY hard to get back into it. As most of you have noticed, I’m sure, I have been very slack on posting comments on your blogs and such. I will get there though as I miss you all dearly and miss reading about what you are up to. In the meantime, however, forgive me if it takes a little while to get back into the swing of things.

I did have a very nice time away – away from the computer, away from the TV, away from the scenery that I’m accustomed to, etc. That is nice from time to time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What is it, however, about being away that makes you really think about things in your life and about the things, specifically, that need changing? Is that just me? Maybe so…

At any rate, we had a mini-family reunion here at my house this past weekend and it was really nice. Some folks from my Mom’s side of the family, who we rarely ever get to see, were in for the weekend and we did little more than sit around, eating and talking. It was delightfully fun and I think that a good time was had by all. They brought me the nicest gift of Ginger & Lime Room Fragrance. It is divine and reminds me of the smell of my Grandmother’s lemon tree when I was growing up. Mmmmmm…

Thankfully, while they were here, the wildlife around our house took a sabbatical. I say that because we have been having a time of it all lately. Firstly, I’ve seen more snakes this summer than I have in YEARS. Of course, it doesn’t help that our cats are “snake cats” and like to pull the snakes from their holes. The largest one was a black racer that was about five-and-a-half feet long and hefty in girth too. No thank you. Pearl, one of our cats, had him cornered. She thinks, I suppose, that she is invincible. And then we have the ever-abundant raccoons. My Mother finally bought herself a trap and was setting it every night for a couple of weeks and catching a ‘coon every time she set it. And, every morning, she’d take the little critter down to Tuscumbia Bottom and release it. I guess we caught about eight in all. They sure are cute but they sure are fierce. And then one night we caught a possum in said trap. Ewwww. We released it too. So, the larger, furrier critters of Martin Hill are being re-located to Tuscumbia Bottom. I’m sure the few-and-far-between residents there love us for it. And then, if snakes, raccoons and possums aren’t enough, I found a lizard IN THE HOUSE yesterday. Yes, you read correctly. It must have been inside for awhile as it was almost dead but still. A LIZARD WAS IN MY HOUSE. I might have to re-locate to Tuscumbia Bottom. Eeeek! Thankfully, my Mother is a trapping-and-releasing guru and was able to apprehend him and turn him loose. Whew. Close call.

So, it is a bonafide zoo – or something – around here. I’m just glad that the lizard in the house stayed hidden whilst our company was here.

And, if one heart attack in a day wasn’t enough, Delali had to take it upon herself to give me another yesterday. I have taken to letting her browse around outside for a bit most days. She loves it and, here in the midst of nowhere, it is safe and good for her. She is so good outside normally, staying on the carport or very close to the house so yesterday, I let her out and then came back inside to do a few things. Shortly thereafter, I went outside to check on her and – you guessed it – she was NOWHERE to be found. I wasted little time in embarking upon my panic. I circled the house, the perimeter of the yard, down to the bus turnaround and then began crying and clutching my throat like I was about to die. (Disclaimer: Nowhere have I ever claimed that I’m NOT a drama queen.) My Mom soon came and began to call for her with me. Then my Dad came out and sat on the swing, to supervise the proceedings, I presume. My Mom, God love her, kept saying that Delali was probably just sleeping off somewhere and would come back up soon. Well, for a Mother who thinks her child has run away, an hour is NOT soon. Yes, Delali took it upon herself to stay concealed for a full hour. During this time, Drama Queen mode set in fully. I cried, I hyperventilated, I yelled, I screamed, I pleaded with her to come back if she could hear me at all. And, the really infuriating thing is that she probably COULD hear me, she could probably see how wrought with angst I was yet… she couldn’t be bothered. She finally ambled back to the carport and I cried some more at the mere beautiful and wonderful sight of her. Did I beat her? No. But, I should have. I did yank her up and kiss her profusely and put her inside where she may not ever leave again. The jury is still out on that. Le sigh…

Upon my return from being away last week, I was so delighted to find wonders and treasures in my mail. Isn’t mail fun, I ask again? Among these delights was a boxful of wonders that my friend Catherine Marissa sent me. She had the wonderful Cottage Garden Therapies send me their Lavender Mint Scrub, Cedarwood Sage Scrub, Tired Old Ass and their Hippie in a Flame candle. All smell positively delightful! Mmmmm… I also had in my magical mailbox a package from the talented CarolLeeDesigns. She worked with me on some notecards that I commissioned her to make and they turned out just wonderfully – I couldn’t ask for them to be anymore perfect! They are Namaste notecards and are now available in her shop. She also included a bonus set of Kindness notecards and a “Be Who You AreLife’s Little Reminders card. Wonderful! And, if that weren’t enough, I also got the most amazing sewn Owlie from the amazing Desiree of Daisy in La La Land. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of him right now but he is sitting next to my computer and says hello to all of you! He is SO cute! And Desiree sent him completely as a surprise, which is the BEST! Thank you, Desiree!!!

Isn’t fun-mail FUN? Speaking of… I plan to do some sort of swap here on my blog starting on July 1. I hope that all of you will join! If you have any suggestions on a theme for the swap or something you’ve heard of that might be fun, let me know. Of course I’m open to suggestions.

To mention briefly, I’ve not given up on or neglected my 101/1001 Challenge endeavor. I figured that it might get tedious and boring if I were to post an update for each and every thing I do on the list so I mark through them as I do them and will update periodically. I’m happy with my progress so far. Since the last update, I’ve gotten a nice and proper haircut (No. 26 – LOVE IT!), updated Delali on her medications, Frontline, etc. (No. 40 – yes, that was a chore as she isn’t very cooperative!), got new walking shoes (No. 49 – on sale from $85 down to $40 – WAHOO!) and gone to an estate sale (No. 84 – with my sister – it was a blast and I got a bunch of super-neat things at super-great prices!) So, as you can see, the list is coming along nicely. However, as I get further into the list, I can see that some of the items on it will have to be changed. There are a few that simply will not be possible so, as I think of ones to substitute, I will swap them out and put the ones that have been changed in Italics. That seems okay, right? Anyone else doing the 101/1001 Challenge? If so, let me know how you are going with it!

Before I end this epic post, to those of you who wanted to participate in the discussion of Le Petit Prince, I’ve set up a Yahoo group for us to use for the discussion. You can access it here. (It is a private group so you will have to apply for membership. I made it private so that random people wouldn’t join and spam us.) For anyone wondering, I set up the Yahoo group so that the book discussion could be separate from our blogs and so that those who didn’t want to discuss Le Petit Prince wouldn’t have to read around it all. Also, should we decide to read and discuss other books in future, we will have the group set up and ready to go. I hope that this way is okay with everyone interested. Please let me know if it isn’t.

Incidentally, I received Le Petit Prince on CD and plan to listen to it this afternoon. I can’t wait to be enveloped by the story again and in French. Oh la la!

So then, enough from me. Without further ado, I say adieu. Adieu… Adieu adeiu… To yieu and yieu and yieu… Okay, now I’m just being silly. Missed you all! Hope to be back into the swing of things better now! xo…

Okay… ONE picture… πŸ™‚


A thought…

Never pride yourself on knowledge. Remember; even a head of iceberg lettuce knows more than you do. It knows whether or not that light really does go out when the refrigerator door shuts.





18 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up (long & pictureless…)

  1. Ya know,don’t worry about going away and having a life outside of cyber-ville. i have finally let myself off the hook about slack posting,once a week is about all I can manage right now.
    You must share your estate sale goodies(and that proper cut!) !
    This will probably skeeve you,but lizards get in our house all the time…and I love it! I pick them up and put them back outside,to me they are good-luck,I’ve never heard that documented ,butI like to think it!

  2. Jungle Dream… Lizards as good luck? Eeek! It may take me awhile to embrace that one. πŸ™‚ Really the only thing I got at the estate sale was a massive amount of FAB vintage jewelry. I’m going to list most of it on Etsy before too long. There were so many treasures there. My sister, on the other hand, got some fab glassware and dishes and a beautiful antique china cabinet – for EIGHTY DOLLARS! Wow! It was SO much fun! xo… πŸ™‚

  3. Ah ha! So that’s what you’ve been up to. I’ve been away for just a few days and catching up seems to take longer than I expected.

    I loved reading to the end of this post and finding your photo and thought. It made me smile. πŸ˜€

  4. My Gosh, you had one heck of a week. The snakes are something that I could not handle, just reading about them makes me freak out…
    Glad you had such a good and crazy time!!! I love those Namaste Cards…

  5. I`m so glad, You`re back!
    Very nice and long post, thank You!!!!!!!!!!

    ….and – Delali want`s to teach you something ;)! Can you guess what it is?
    She is very smart, I can tell you that!

    And I love this last thought!
    Thank you!

  6. I never knew lettuce could be so beautiful! I can only imagaine how scaed you were about your cat. Mine NEVER go outside. If I even THINK they have been near a door that has been open a little too long and I havnen’t seen them for a while I start freaking out! Then there is the problem of having company over (like last night) who close the basement door behind them and the poor cats get locked in!

  7. So glad you are back in the writing game…sorry about your scare…as for the snakes..I agree..seems like they are really out in force this summer…ugh!

  8. oh your story of the cat is so sweet. I can relate…there was a time back in NH that I was feeding a little pregnant stray cat who would come in at night and sleep on my sun porch…well one rainy night she did not come when I called her name (Browsy) and shook the food…in minutes I was out in the pouring rain, calling and calling for her, sobbing and wailing…

    It was pathetic on my part.

    she showed up the next day, and let me to the brush pile that smelled like a skink where she had her 5 kittens…


    needless to say they were taken into my home and 2 months later I was in the hospital for a week (I am totally allergic to the little darlings)

  9. My dog tries to kill birds and I freak. I can only imagine what snakes or lizards would make me feel!! Eeek! I have been out of the blogging loop as well, I took a trip and Mr. Frenchie (Jake) has been distracting me in a wonderful way! Welcome back. Aside from the snakes, I hope everything else is good!!

  10. A lizard? INSIDE your house??? OMW! That’s just wrong.

    Really though, I would never have made it to that point… I would have passed out and DIED at the sight of a five-foot snake. That is just SCAWY!!!!

    Woo hoo!!! The Petit Prince has a GROUP now! Does that make us his “groupees”? *giggle*

    Also, thanks every-so-much for getting the Adieu song stuck in my head.

    *singing* The sun, has gone, to bed and so must I…..

  11. Oh what a week you have had!!! Lots of busyness and excitement particularly of the animals variety. yes we miss you but life and leisure has to take over from blogging and blog reading sometimes! I really want to joing the yahoo group and will do when I return – I am very excited about it.

    Oh and for the swap too – mmm shall get my thinking cap on for a couple of ideas. Take care!

  12. Your mom freaking rocks! My Nana and mom are that way too. Not scared of anything. I try to be that way too, Iam the spider relocater in our family, try not to be too screamy during scarey movies and such. But I join you in Drama Queen royaly. My brother actually bought me a tee shirt saying that.

    I’m totally feeling you about Delali hiding out. OMG!! Too scarey. Mr. Bec does that to us at times and so does one of my nephews. GRRR! You poor thing. She needs a baby kitty time out! Kids!

  13. Oh, so glad your back! missed your insightfullness! My dog did that to me once… She is normaly soooo good and stays right with us when we are outside, her name is Shelby. Shelby the German Shepherd is my shadow…We live out in the country as well and I almost had a heart attack when she ran off! (of course it was at night so we couldn’t see a thing!) luckily she was across the street (a country 10 acres,lol) my son had to heard her back on the fourwheeler! So glad Delali is back safe and sound.

  14. So nice to “read” you again! I missed you!
    Down here in FL, we always have lizards in the house- one actually fell on my head as I opened up the patio door- I must have washed my hair a gazillion times after that! And snakes- corn snakes, black racers, glass lizards- not for the faint of heart…

    Glad you had such a lovely break from everything…

  15. I am freaked out just reading about your snakes!

    I had a similar scare with my son, though it did not last that long. Awful.

    Welcome back! I have been a bit out of the loop too and having trouble getting back into the swing of things.

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