My Favorite Oxymoron

Move over Tofutti Cuties. Skinny Cow is in the house.

I’ve mentioned here before that I like Tofutti Cuties and I do. The truth reaches beyond that, however, in that I like tasty and refreshing ice cream – or in Tofutti Cutie’s case faux ice cream – treats in general.

Enter Skinny Cow.


My Mom picked some of these up the other night while she was grocery shopping and I had one soon after. Think of every decadent word that you can conjure up and that is how I would describe Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches. Creamy and smooth with the best tasting chocolate cookie part and an even better tasting ice cream middle…Mmmmm… I’m in love.

They ARE that good. If you’ve not had one, go forth and buy a case. Trust me… that is how many you will want.

(Disclaimer: I can’t for the life of me see how this is possibly “skinny” but they do claim to be. Go figure.)

In other news, I hit a milestone on Etsy today with my hundredth sale. Hooray! I’m very excited about this and it really gives me motivation to list, list, list. I’ve been doing just that last night and plan to do more tonight as well. (My trick is this: I begin listing in the evening at 5:00 when CSI comes on and I list all through the CSIs that appear on SPIKE each week-night. Lucky for me and my Etsy store, they usually have like six hours of CSI every night. This trick is closely akin to ‘whistling while you work’… Isn’t it?)

In other Zazazu news (I hope that you are all sitting down), I’ve signed up to walk the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk-a-Thon in September. For those of you who know me fairly well, you know that, beyond yoga, I do not exert myself physically. I don’t run unless something chases me. At any rate, I have been needing something to bump me out of my comfort zone and I thought that training for a walk such as this would do just that. Besides, it is on my 101/1001 list so that means that I have to do it.


It is true that this is COMPLETELY out of character for me but I need a goal to work toward and, since my Mother has diabetes and exercise is so important in keeping it under control for her, I thought I would simultaneously do something to help research for her disease and do something to put me on the right path to ward it off. Admittedly, I need a bit more than yoga; I need to get my heart rate up. But don’t worry… I will still be doing PLENTY of yoga, hopefully even more than usual as I’ve been thinking more and more and more about how I’d like to become certified to teach at some point in the not too distant future.

So, I’ve gotten new walking shoes, a pedometer, and I’ve enlisted my sister to do this with me (isn’t that what sisters are for??) Now all I need is a good schedule or outline of how to go from couch potato to Walk-a-Thon walker between now and then. Anyone know of a good site that will provide a bit of guidance?

And, as with all walks of this nature, if you would like to donate a bit of money to research for diabetes through me and my participation, go here or contact me and I will help you. Thanks to everyone for allowing my plug here.

I’d like to apologize to all of my lovelies in BlogLand. I’ve not been the best blogger here lately, since my Vacation I and Vacation II. I’ve been lax in writing entries AND in reading and commenting on your entries so please accept my apology for being a slacko. I hope to get back in the swing of things very soon but I’m trying not to force it. Please bear with me. You all are the best!

I will be posting about Vacation II very soon and will share some of the pictures I took as well. For now, however, I’m off to post some more goodies on Etsy. I hope that each of you are having a super-lovely day!



14 thoughts on “My Favorite Oxymoron

  1. i love ice cream treats as much as the next girl (i just mentioned my favorite frozen yogurt flavor in a post today), but when i tried skinny cow once awhile back i didn’t like it. what’s wrong with me?? maybe i’ll try again. 🙂

    congratulations on your 100th sale! that rocks mamacita!

    hehe, i laughed when you wrote that you don’t run unless something chases you. so should i chase you around? 🙂

  2. I am a big fan of the tofutti cuties. They are delicious. I would definitely try these others if given the chance.
    I’m impressed you are sticking to the 101/1001 list. It’s motivating. I like lists. I think they are helpful especially if you are like me and your mind races everywhere making it easy to get distracted. Good on ya. It’s hard for me to just make the list, tee hee! 🙂 I’ll work on that.
    Signing up for this walk is a terrific idea and a really good start. I’m also impressed with your strong interest in yoga. To teach, that would be awesome.
    I love reading your posts so I’m glad you are back that way. It gets a little crazy trying to catch up with it all, I know.
    I need to check out your etsy.
    à bientôt xo

  3. Hmmmm a post about ice cream, and getting out to exercise. What a delightful mix! I am going to have to try these, particularly because I love ice cream sandwiches. Good luck on your charity walk, I’m rooting for you. If you ever want a vacation III, Ohio is BORING but restful. Visit anytime!

  4. Skinny Cows have been my friends for a year now and I treat myself to one almost every night! mmmmmmmmm Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint…and I always lick that little bit of cookie off that sticks to my fingers.

  5. Could you possibly just throw one at me through the screen??? YUMMY! Sounds incredible. I am so happy for your diabetes cause participation. My clients two little boys, not at the same time, have been diagnosed with the horrible disease. New shoes, here you go…. xxxooo

  6. Sounds delicious! Congrats on your 100th sale! Also, so great to sign up for a fundraiser walk – if I were to make a 101/1,000 list, I would have on for Alzheimer’s on my list.

  7. The Ginger Lemonade is a treasure!!!Thank you so much for posting it…I am going to have to check out that last movie…never have seen it. Congrats on your sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And thanks for all the encouraging words…I love reading your comments!

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