Happiness is…

“Happiness is what happens to us when we try to make someone else happy.”



We all know that THINGS do not bring happiness. But, things can bring smiles to our faces in their own way and enhance our happiness, I believe. And different things bring smiles to different people. Isn’t diversity wonderful?

With this in mind, I’m proposing a swap. The theme and title of the swap will be “Happiness Is…” Although there is much more to happiness than material things, this swap will be about the things that bring happiness to you.

The swap will go like this:

Leave a comment on this post if you want to participate and, if I do not already have it, send me your contact information. The sign-up will close on Tuesday, July 10, one week from today. Once the sign-up is closed, I will pair you all up and send each of you your partner’s information. I will give you ample time to get to know your swap partner as this will NOT be a secret swap. I do hope that you will correspond with your partner, visit their blog and get to know them. There are so many wonderful people who come here and I’d love for you all to meet one another! By July 26 (my birthday – yay!), compile and mail a package of things that bring you happiness, things that help you relax, things that bring a smile to your face. These don’t have to be expensive or elaborate but please compile a thoughtful package that you would like to receive if someone were to send it to you. (It goes without saying, I should hope, to keep it clean and legal.) On August 1, we will do a swap reveal where you will post a link to your blog where, hopefully, you will post pictures of the swap package that you received.

Sound fun? Like sharing and receiving mail? Leave me a comment and get a partner.

Hope that all of you are having a brilliant day! xo…


16 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Anastasia – GOOD QUESTION! I should have made it more clear that yes, International swappers are welcome! I’m so glad to have you join!

  2. I would love to swap! Love to stay in the positive and be with folks who do the same – raising the vibration one person at a time – ahhhhh:)

  3. Wow! Your birthday is the 26th! That was my grandpa’s birthday and I was born on the 25th! If I would have been born about an hour and a half later I would have been born on his birthday. I only met one other person recently who has one of those birthdays! I would love to participate in your swap but I’m in the midst of selling my house so I think I better not unless it miraculous sells at the open house Sunday when it goes up for sale!

  4. Oh! Oh! I want to JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy way-early birthday to you… *singing*

    Did you watch CSI last night? the new guy is cute as heck, but I don’t like him. Grissom is WAY better.

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  6. Wow! I finally get back to the blog thing just in time to join this goodness?!? How lucky am I! Please, sign me up 🙂 And thanks for spreading so much happiness and goodness!

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