Everyone should have their swap partners by now.  I just emailed the partners out so if you thought you had signed up and didn’t get a message from me, please use the contact form at the top of my blog and let me know.

I paired all of you with people that I think have commonalities with you.  I hope that each of you will be able to meet a new friend here in Blogland and get to know the other.  The partners are a one-on-one pairing, meaning that the person you are sending to will also be the person sending to you.  This way, you will hopefully be able to get to know them better.  Feel free to read their blogs and email them to get to know them.

Remember:  You have to send ONE package to them – only one – by July 26.  As much as sending the package, this swap is to help you get to know someone else in Blogland.

Have fun!  Any questions?  I’m just an email away!


9 thoughts on “It’s SWAP TIME!

  1. Thanks for hosting!! I like that you emphasise in getting to meet someone new…thats the whole point of swaps
    sometimes i dont even get an email/comment if they’ve received my goods haha…

  2. Swapping fun your girls are havin’ over here!!! Miss karen Beth, thank you again, I love it all!!! And, I have not removd the teeny bangle since receiving it! Did you wear it??? Is it small? At first I didn’t know what it was, so when it fit, I was delighted!! I mean, of course, it looked like a bracelet, but a tiny one. I am so glad I have smaller wrists and hands than a gnome!! xoxoxoxo You know me!!

  3. hello “zazazu”! i have one more blog you might be interested in checking out. it’s check it ou and let me know what you think.
    best wishes, andrea 🙂

  4. You paired me up with Tammy!!!! *happy clap* Tammy sent me a package once before, but I’ve never had HER name! Wooo hoo!!!!!!!!! *commencing my shopping now*

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