See What Is.

As people who want to live a good, full, unrestricted, adventurous, real kind of life, there is a concrete instruction we can follow: see what is. When you catch yourself grasping at beliefs or thoughts, just see what is. Without calling your belief right or wrong, acknowledge it. See it clearly without judgement and let it go. Come back to the present moment. From now to the moment of your death you could do this.

~ Pema Chodron 

2 thoughts on “See What Is.

  1. I like this. See what is. I definitely need to stop and see what is all the time. I let the other things bother me when what really is happening is that I ignore the good and the positive and find myself kicking my own bum because I let what is pass me by.

    Hope you are well. I have been out of the blog loop majorly, as well! Hope you have a good birthday!!

  2. Oh…great quote!
    I have been blog lazy myself as of computer time to speak of!
    Happy early birthday!!!!!!!

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