Good causes…

Isn’t it wonderful to see people doing good deeds?

I’ve volunteered in the past for different causes but have never done any sort of marathon until recently.  I am walking for Juvenile Diabetes Research in September and was amazed at how wonderfully my blogger and online friends responded to this!  I pledge to raise $100 and had me that goal by the very next day.  Wahoo!  That is amazing.

It seems that my brother and sister are both inspired by my walking this.  Ha – that is what I tell myself anyway.  My sister is walking the JDRF walk with me.  My brother – an avid biker – is participating in the Start to Finish MS Bike-a-Thon here through the Oxford, Mississippi Biking Group.  This Bike-a-Thon will be 150 miles (I’d drop over dead if I were to attempt that) and all donations will go to MS research.

So, I’m putting it out there for anyone who might like to donate to either of these causes –

my sister for JDRF



my brother for MS Research


Click links above to be taken to their participation pages.

I hope this post doesn’t seem spamm-y.  I would only post such for very good causes and I believe these to be just that.   I’m so proud of my brother and my sister for doing these sorts of things and want to support them in anyway I can.  Thank you for any donation you can send or just for good vibes.  Those help too.


5 thoughts on “Good causes…

  1. You are doing great KB! I just recently did the Run For Mercy walk for orphanages in Africa and I am doing the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s 2007 Light The Night Walk in September. I’m excited about that one!

    People are so generous… it is good to see the good in people, isn’t it?

  2. Not spammy at all! I think it is great of you to share the goodness your whole family is up to! I wish I had it in me.. Alas….. I don’t now.. But maybe one day I will walk for a good wonderful reason… Hmm, maybe you have inspired me……


    By the way.. It’s almost your day! wowooooo Yippeee

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