Review: Morningstar Farms Meatless Sausage Patties

Review: Morningstar Farms Sausage Patties, Frozen, 8 oz.

As most of you know, the only meat I eat is fish. Therefore, getting enough protein in my diet is tricky. So, I turn to the many meatless products on the market today. Some are really good and some are just… meh.

Morningstar Farms Sausage Patties fall into the former category.

They are amazing.

I had two for breakfast this morning – along with an egg – and cooked them in a frying pan with a bit of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. I cooked them for roughly seven minutes, turning occassionally and they were delicious. They cooked up so crispy and brown – just the way I like a sausage pattie. And they are spiced up such that you can barely notice a difference between the meatless and the meat sausage. In fact, if you DO notice a difference it is for the better as these are crispy and spiced just right.

I urge you to try these. They have a good bit of protein in them and are 75% fat free with little or no sugars and there are myriad ways to serve them, for breakfast or in pasta sauce for a filling dinner (can’t wait to try that recipe!) Mmmmmm… mmmmm… mmmmmmm… GOOD!



12 thoughts on “Review: Morningstar Farms Meatless Sausage Patties

  1. We’ve returned to being carnivores, but we still eat these from our vegitarian days. My husband doesn’t like regular sausage, too greasy. They are also great when you go camping – no worries about them being cooked through.

    I like the Morningstar Garden burgers better than the Boca burgers.

  2. This is SO funny! I just last week decided to give these a try! I am not a vegetarian, but I’m trying to find healthy meals, breakfast being the hardest for me.

    I didn’t like them quite as well as you, but they are pretty good! They also have these little veggie bites – a breakfast flavor included – not bad. The spinach/artichoke are REALLY good!! 🙂

  3. I only eat eggs/milk for animal products so I hear you on the protein issue–I really haven’t met a Morningstar product (I don’t like Boca at all) I haven’t liked. I love the chicken nuggets and the mini corn dogs and the chicken patties and the grillers prime and…I guess you get the picture. I haven’t tried the sausage patties but I should…when I used to eat meat, sausage made me sick so I just sort of assumed these would as well, which is silly as it’s a completely different product!

  4. I love these and a lot of the MorningStar Products. I like to use the fakin bacon on avocado and apple sandwiches, YUM! With whole wheat bread of course, baked by moi.

  5. I really loved these…before I found out about my gluten issue, that is!!!!!! Glad you found them…and watch the fish!!!

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  7. On Pillsbury frozen biscuits with grape jelly. They are addicting! I’m not a vegan and love them. I like them cooked in the oven for 10 minutes

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