One of those days…

Do you ever have one of those days?  I don’t mean a BAD day, rather, a day when you can’t find anything.  Nothing.

Well, today is “one of those days” for me.  Everything I look for today isn’t where I think it is going to be leaving me scratching my head wondering where in thunder it might be.  So far today, I’ve misplaced a dress, a necklace and my brain.  That may not sound like a lot but the dress I need to ship, the necklace I want to wear and the brain I want to use.  So, not looking so good for me today.

On the bright side, an Etsy buyer pulled through today with her payment.  I was beginning to wonder if I might be experiencing another non-paying-buyer but no… I was wrong.  I got the payment today and need to ship her items – the dress that I can’t find among them – tomorrow.

I’m not terribly worried.  You see, my Mom likes to move my things to the outdoor storage rooms (thanks, Mom) and I have a feeling that said dress is out there.  However, said necklace and said brain may be harder to find as I think I did something with both of those.  Ugh.

In other news, I had a really good day yesterday.  I got up at 7:25 like normal and had a really great yoga practice.  It was a seated hip-opening routine and I like those.  Those feel good.  After yoga, I had some delicious coffee and checked my email where I had several Etsy sales.  Wahoo!  Those are always nice to wake up to.  During the course of the remainder of the day, I did my nails, listed several more things on Etsy,  made a super-fab bracelet, packaged Etsy and eBay items to mail, exfoliated and did a hand softening treatment, made a yummy fruit smoothie and did yoga again – a longer practice.  So, it was a really good, productive day, at least in my book.  🙂  I had meant to also read and take the quiz for my Listen to Your Heart… course but I didn’t get to that.  That is a must-do for today.

So, if I have a day today like I did yesterday, it will be a good thing.  Of course, that rests on my finding the three things I’m missing.  Wish me luck!

Wishing each of you a brilliant day… 🙂


13 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. Oh, yes, I know these days too! But the good thing about it is, that I then raise my hands and say – I give up! Today is not my day. Will someone please take over from here?
    And then I spend all day just trying not to do anything, because it would make more harm than good. Chill……….

    Congrats for good sales day! And for good yoga day too! Twice a day – I will get there one day too, I promise!


  2. Yay for a great day yesterday (and for the Etsy payment!)!!!
    Yay for finding the necklace! I’m sending good energy your way! Good luck!!!
    I think my brain took off for a vacation without me! So, if you happen to see it anywhere, holler! 🙂

  3. OK, I misplace my heart sometimes. Yesterday was that day for me. I was so mean to people I shouldn’t have been mean to and now I am getting the cold shoulder from everyone for it. I was having a hormone inbalance or something strange. At any rate, I am glad you are on your way to finding what you misplaced. I may not be so close to finding my heart again.

  4. I seem to lost my brain at least once a day, my mom always told me I may be genius but I have no common-sense. I hope you found all that you were looking for.


  5. I totally hear you about not being able to find anything. We moved into the new house six weeks ago and I still haven’t found the box that I put our garbage cans in. It took me a month to find the computer cable and camera cord. Drives me insane.

  6. I’m baaaack! I missed your posts! I hate days like these, I hope this week is going better. After a whole week without yoga or any exercise at all, your day sounds so envious!

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