Happiness Swap – Please post!

By now, everyone should have their swap packages. I hope you are all delighted with the gifties that you received. If you have not gotten it yet, let me know, please. If you have gotten it already, please follow in the example of Stephanie and post up pictures of what you got. I’m sure the people you received from would LOVE to know that you received and than you liked their selections and… well… I’m curious as to what you all got. Ha! Enjoy and post away!


If you know peace, then you thrive. If you know contentment, then you are rich.

~ Su Shi



8 thoughts on “Happiness Swap – Please post!

  1. No swap package yet, but I cast a hopeful eye upon the mailbox every day. 🙂

    You have some amazing readers and friends! I love looking through their blogs after I read yours.

  2. hello! more anon… rec’d pkg from marleymor. haven’t opened it b/c haven’t shipped hers 😦 was awaiting a shipment to include, which finally arrived & then have been having “one of those days” you wrote about. am looking fwd myself to posting mine Monday when off duty…. Thanks for arranging this. it’s been a lovely excuse to get to know someone better & think about their happiness – always a blessing!

  3. I got mine!!!! But haven’t gotten Tammy’s package out yet. I had a… ummm…. technical difficulty? But am going to try to mail it tomorrow.

  4. I got my package from Jana yesterday!! And I posted about it on my blog this morning!! Check out all the goodies she packed into this very happy swap package! 🙂 Thanks Jana!!

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