I’m coming off caffeine again, despite many attempts to come off of it before.   Being off caffeine will be helpful for those nasty little seizures and, after reading up some on low blood sugar, I know it will help with that too.

So… my coffee this morning was de-caf.

And I feel like I’ve been run over by a piece of heavy machinery… many times.

I’m so sleepy that I can scarcely keep my eyes open.  I feel draggy, like I’m pulling an eighteen-wheel truck behind me on both legs.   I feel like I’m moving in slow motion, like today is creeping by me.  All I want to do is go lie down.

And, I know it will get even worse.

My head hasn’t started the aching that I know will come from coming off a years-long caffeine addiction.  I’m sure that will come around tomorrow sometime.  And I dread it.

Actually, I think I’ve even blogged here before about coming off caffeine.  So then, you can see what a hold it has on my life.  It just keeps coming back again and again and again.  Bad, I know.  When I really think about it, I don’t want there to be something – besides food and air and yoga – that I simply cannot function without.

So, even though de-caf coffee isn’t nearly as good as regular, I’m going off of it again – this time hopefully for good.

Fingers crossed that I stick to it this time.

Fingers crossed that I come out alive.

I’m beginning to wonder.

Now, please excuse me while I fall out of my computer chair and onto the floor for a little nap.


Black as the devil, Hot as hell,
Pure as an angel, Sweet as love.

~Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord


12 thoughts on “Withdrawal.

  1. I know You Can Do It! If I can, anyone can. I am glad to be able to drink it again though. I can’t imagine NEVER drinking coffee again. My friend Jennifer says chai tea is a fair substitue-but I don’t know if that has caffeine in it or not. Anyway, good luck!

  2. It’s soooo hard. I am down to 1 -2 days a week with caffeine now. The other days I substitute decaf or teecino. Teecino is great because you can mix it with your coffee to reduce your self slowly which lessons the whole tiredness/headachy thing. If you can’t find any let me know and I will send you some.

  3. Good luck with coming off of caffeine– i know exactly how you feel. I only lasted for two days– i had such a bad headache that i wanted to beat everyone who spoke to me.
    I wish you a good nites sleep and understanding co-workers and friends!

  4. Oh, dear! Do You know that tea contents caffeine too? ( Yes, green and white tea included). And, most important! CHOCOLATE is full of caffeine!

    I wish you luck and keep your faith! I know, I`ll never going to make it, so I better not even try………………

  5. you are a brave woman…I have fought and lost the battle many times, now my addiction has escalated to the point that “normal caffeine” does not cut it, I need power caffeine, like in an energy drink or this new monstrosity I drink that blends espresso with an energy drink.

    you are strong and brave, I am a week caffeinated mess.


  6. Hello my dear, I’m sending you lots of good thoughts to help boost your brave little self 🙂 You can do it, just hang in there!! Is is cheating if you wean yourself with bits of chocolate? Also, I remember a friend saying you can try green tea, which has some caffeine, but a lot less. Good luck!!

  7. My poor girl. The headache is the worst! Are you going cold turkey? You are soooo brave! Darn seizures! Don’t they realize how much you love coffee?

    PS. About PU2B you have to keep the posts in your original blog. I tell you though, I absolutely love working with them. I can’t ever get enough assignments! I wish that I could write for them everyday.

    Love you too.

  8. I have tried previously to come off the coffee as well. I enjoy it too much. I need my one cup a day. I have it down to one. If I don’t have that one cup, something is missing.
    The rest of the day is tea, or chai tea.
    I feel for you, it is a hard thing to give up.
    Good luck, and do what is best for you. Even if that means not giving it up. But if it is a health issue, then you have to do what is best for your health!

  9. Try drinking a lot of water. It is actually supposed to be better at helping you wake up than coffee. I’ve never been much of a coffee person. I get up and have a glass of juice then first thing I do at work is get a tall glass of ice water. I don’t know if it will help but give it a try. Good luck!

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